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Songs for Sunday 59 – Psalm 49 – A Song for the Rich

Psalm 49 is a song that could only be sung in the Psalms! It is strong – poetic and powerful for today’s world….sung as usual by the St Peters congregation….why don’t all churches sing psalms?

Songs for Sunday 58 – Christ the Lord is Risen Today


  1. ……Psalm 49 is probably not being considered for the impending coronation of Charles (III)…..

  2. The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland sing unaccompanied Psalms. A friend of mine and his family are members of the Newtownards church. He invited myself and my wife to one of their services quite a few years ago.

    For someone like myself who had never been exposed to unaccompanied church worship it was an interesting experience.

    That same friend (a historian), has just finished writing a book on the history of the reformed Presbyterians.

    Here they give an explanation for what they sing and why they sing unaccompanied.


  3. George Verwer… very influential on me and many… Come, Live, Die. I heard him only once, on the Logos I thing at the Clydeside dock. Visiting the boat was a thrill partly for the books on sale.

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