Bible Preaching St Peters

Coffee and Colossians 8 – The True Message of the Gospel

Ch 1.v.5 – Does it matter what Gospel is preached? How do we know if it is true?

(the picture is of my son being ordained as a preacher of the true message of the Gospel,,)

The Most Important News This Year – CCC….

Coffee and Colossians 7 – Hope Stored up in Heaven


  1. Well said about finding truth-preaching churches. In looking for a house our first priority, given the realities of one’s job etc, is what’s the local church preaching. Before we finalized on our house here in a West Oxfordshire village we checked out the parish church. I know it’s judgemental but it’s so dispiriting to hear from believers that they’re disappointed not to find a ‘good’ church near to where they moved. Lovely to hear of your son’s church and meet folk via the video.

  2. Good morning
    From the windy West of Scotland. David, thanks so much for your clear thinking on what the gospel is. As you are only to aware our beloved country is in such a spiritual mess, I speak as one who was and is part of the broader Brethren movement. Hopefully our Church is moving out from its pieistic past.
    Once again keep presenting what the glorious message of our Lord and Saviour truly is.

  3. Thank you for your contributions every day, David. Always appreciated.
    BTW It looked like you put too much Vegemite on the cracker (or whatever it was). It is meant to be spread sparingly, not like Nutella or such like. A slice of cheese on top is very good too. You’ll be an Aussie yet!

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