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Coffee and Revelation 54 – The Woman and the Dragon

Revelation 12:1-6 – John’s vision takes a terrifying turn – with a woman and her child in danger of being destroyed by a great dragon. What does it all mean? And what relevance does it have for us?


This is William Blake’s famous painting of this chapter.

Also on YouTube 

THis is the book I referred to in the talk…..The Great Christ Comet – A Review

Coffee and Revelation 53 – The Ark of the Covenant



  1. Morning David, Have you seen the current prices on the book sale sites for the “Great Christ Comet”? I’ll definitely be waiting the paperback edition. Again, thank you for your thoughtful words.

  2. Hello there David

    How’s your A.S.K. project going?

    How many churches have signed up? It sure sounds like there’s a significant need for that sort of ministry work!


  3. Brilliant series of talks that I am really enjoying even if today I am totally distracted by the fantastic flowers!

  4. I looked at the price of the book – it is out of print and the only new or used copies seem to be from the USA and still expensive.
    I found this –
    In it Colin Nicholl talks about the book and also a bit about Revelation 12, but unfortunately the interviewer interrupted him at a point when I would have liked to hear more.
    Revelation 12 is about the birth of the Messiah and his view is that the virgin is the constellation Virgo (maiden or virgin). The comet (Star of Bethlehem) which the wise men saw came out of the centre of the constellation – ie the womb. The dragon is another constellation (Draco) which produced a meteor storm which looks like stars falling.
    The interview is fascinating and well worth watching.

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