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Coffee and Revelation 52 – Destroying the Earth

Revelation 11:16-18 – God answers the prayer of his people. The anger of man is answered by the wrath of God. The time has come for destroying those who destroy the earth.

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Coffee and Revelation 51 – He Shall Reign for Ever and Ever




  1. Thank you for today’s reflection. There’s some really confused thinking here in the UK by the Diocese of Oxford on these issues following on from a near panentheistic video series from the bishop of Reading. We now have an extra vow on the confirmation confessions of candidates that they commit to renew the earth (yes, really)! Of course we cherish creation it’s our vote of confidence in what is to come.

  2. I’ve been reflecting on the fact that environmental concerns come from people’s admiration of the world God has created. So while the creator is often taken out of the equation, the recognition that the creation is good is surely good. As you say though, to not see the creator sustaining it all and as not being finally in control, can lead to as sense of hopelessness. The sense of wonder is lost because it is viewed as something to be measured and controlled. I was with my son the other day and we were looking out at the ocean and I commented on how beautiful it was. He asked ‘how did God make the ocean?’ and I simply said, ‘he spoke and it all came to be’. Then he asked if God made cars (which he loves) and I said, ‘he gave humans the minds and fingers to use the things he made, like metals, into cars’. I loved his quiet meditative acceptance as he observes this. We have to have the heart of a child and love his creation simply and ask the simple question, ‘who is behind all of this?’

  3. We humans have God-given responsibility for and therefore control over our environment. We must deal with man-made pollution. What we do NOT have responsibility or control over are the weather and the climate – those are God’s domain. We have been sold the lie that humans are the agents of climate change through our irresponsible use of fossil fuels resulting in masses of CO2 being pumped in the atmosphere thus contributing to the theory of greenhouse gas warming. First: this is only a theory and has never and can never be verified; secondly: CO2 is only 4% of the atmosphere and is essential for plant respiration. It is NOT a pollutant. Of that 4%, it is estimated that our contribution is a tiny 3%. All the hype about anthropogenic climate change is based on false, unproven or exaggerated claims. It seems to me the height of human arrogance that we should imagine that we puny creatures can have any effect on the weather or the climate. We can’t even give accurate forecasts for the next 24 hours! Climate change has been a feature of the Earth’s history from time immemorial. We are coming out of a little ice age – hence global warming. Even Shakespeare noted that ‘sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines’. My question is: who is trying to manipulate the worried West? What is the hidden agenda? That’s what should be our focus rather than rushing lemming-like to self-destruction.

  4. One of the methodological manipulations is the Slavery Reparations industry , now supported by Roman Catholicism’s intellectual shock troops :

    Here’s a different view from Dr. David Starkey :

    Dr. Starkey had his Cambridge Fellowship ( Fitzwilliam College ) rescinded due to an admittedly unwise throwaway remark about Blacks.

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