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Coffee and Revelation 48 – God’s Proclaimed Plan

Revelation ch.10 v.5-11. Having been forbidden to say some of what he heard now John is told what he must say….he is given the scroll….and it is the same message that we have to proclaim today….

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Coffee and Revelation 47 – God’s Secret Plan


  1. Excellent work I am really enjoying your explanation of a book of the bible I have always found challenging. Also on a lighter note as a die hard metal fan I really appreciated to story and sound of the Christian metal band

  2. We listen to virtually all your podcasts and you seldom fall short. This series on Revelation is no exception. We appreciate your ministry. You open up God’s word in an easy to digest way. Always be encouraged that you are prayed for often. God has placed you ‘down under’ to fulfill his purposes.

  3. I can’t wait for my morning coffee with Revelation, and am appreciating the steady progress through the book. It is very helpful and illuminating and I enjoy it. Thank David and please keep going. What are we doing after Revelation!?
    God bless you and Annabel

  4. I don’t always respond in writing in , but I not only enjoy those snippets , I find myself in agreement concerning God’s Word. Thank you for your time spent on filming and in study .

  5. Thoroughly enjoying this series , its very enlightening and sadly we don’t hear much preaching on Revelation . Keep it going , it’s great.

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