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Coffee and Revelation 32 – The Pale Rider

Revelation ch6 v.7-9 – Who is the Pale Rider? What follows after him….? Why does this apply today? What does Clint Eastwood have to do with this?!

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Coffee and Revelation 30 – The Red Horse


  1. Amen dear brother, news travels fast and furious today. In a sense it gears us to worry and fear. But the Lord is still in full control. That’s sufficient for me. Malachi chapter 4 verse 1 and 2 are a worthwhile read ..

    “For behold, “the day is coming,
    Burning like an oven,
    And all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.
    And the day which is coming shall burn them up,”
    Says the Lord of hosts,
    “That will leave them neither root or branch.

    But to you who fear My name
    The Sun of Righteousness shall arise
    With healing in His wings;
    And you shall go out
    And grow fat like stall-fed calves

  2. In Christ alone – Amen! Thank you again David for these morning thoughts. Effie

  3. “I wonder if we believe in hell”. Well, it wouldn’t be a place for punishment of the wicked solely because Christ descended into hell after the crucifixion. In the light of that then it seems no one is exempt from experiencing hell, rather that some will be passing through and others staying.

    And there’s no need to debate the existence of hell. Just look at the news programme you talk of. That will provide plenty evidence of hell on earth.

    So to any reasonable person, there’s no doubt about its existence. And no sane person denies the reality of death.

    But what if that’s not all there is and rather that there is hope that comes with meaning and purpose with joy in the present, peace and confidence in the future in spite of what hell there might be to suffer in the here and now?

    To original readers in churches suffering from Roman persecution Revelations surely must have resonated as it may do to many of us now.

  4. Has the Church lost the value of attractive socialist ideals which are also Christian in origin? Wokery may be bokery, but what about UK Labour’s past legacy? NHS, pensions, education, housing, min wage etc…etc…etc…

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