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Coffee and Revelation 26 – The Lamb on the Throne

Revelation 5:6-8 – The Lamb on the Throne. Jesus is the Lion – but he is also the Lamb . What does that mean? Why is it so wonderful?

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  1. “The Lamb is the hope”.

    OK so the lamb that was slain and this image being one of a wounded healer “by his stripes we are healed”. Yes this is the nice harmless image of Jesus that brings the warm fuzzy feelings that we all like. Without hope, there is no meaning and purpose.


    The Lion… now that is a different story entirely. I look forward to hearing you expand on this side to Jesus David. The side that some people took offence to and wanted him dead because of that.

    It’s the ability to be dangerous

  2. Thankyou very much for your Coffee with Revelation, we listen each morning over coffee and appreciate, enjoy and are benefiting from what you have to say. We also enjoyed Coffee with Job. Thanks again

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