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Coffee with Job 112 – A Spacious Place

Job 36:13-21 – God is wooing you out of the confines of suffering and distress into a spacious place. He has lots of choice food for you….in this short passage we look at speaking ill of God, wealth, bribes and longing for death….

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  1. Thanks David. Rarely listen t podcasts especially thee kind that are little messages. It was good to listen to it. Depression often has me in a ‘narrow’ place with Satan’s suggestions sounding plausible. I have little windows of ‘light’ for a few days anyway. Then normality becomes for me like a ‘spacious place’. In the depression which is not as deep as it could be I can sometimes find a ‘spacious’ place by reflecting just a little on the goodness of God. Sometimes I simply sit/lie and say ‘God is good’. God is a spacious place.

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