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Coffee with Job 96 – Concealing Sin….Gloating, Meanness and Hypocrisy

Job 31:29-34 – Delighting at an enemies downfall, ignoring the needs of others and hypocrisy – failing to speak up because of the crowd. Job states how serious all these are – and how he is not guilty of them….food for thought….

Also on YouTube here

Coffee with Job 95 – Money and the Moon- and Psalm 62



  1. Thanks David May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and family in 2022 (we’re from Coro bap.)

  2. God bless you David for this timely message from the Lord. To confirm it, if you’ve time & inclination, please visit the Sun Valley Community Church Web Site and listen to Anton Bosch’s message “Our All -Seeing High Priest” (Hebrews 4:13-14) which we were listening to this morning fellowshipping with our Polish Brethren. It is very much to the heart of much you are saying, so doubtless God is emphasising the issue(s). Kindest regards in our precious Lord Jesus, David & Sue.

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