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Coffee with Job – Answering the God who Made the Stars

Job begins his answer to Bildad (ch9:v.1-9). How can we answer a God who is so all powerful? Is this powerful God, good? How can we comprehend the incomprehensible? God has given us a way….

Also available on YouTube…

Coffee with Job 25 – A Well Watered Plant or a Spiders Web


  1. I thank the Lord for you and you’re family. I thank Him that you speak truth to the wind and it is carried to the ear of those He ordained to hear beyond human experience. I thank God that I am a recipient of His grace and love and that He has used you and your families suffering to give gifts to me and mine in our suffering. I thank God that He saved your life to speak this absolute truth with courage and wisdom to those who would listen knowing that you have chosen not to please men but God and that at a cost. I thank Him that He is bringing Romans 8 to life through you and that I am a beneficiary. So pastor, be encouraged that the words He gives you are in themselves life to us who hear them. Blessed be your families anointing by His Mercy and Grace. What else can you do but serve Him? Nothing is greater. Amen.

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