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Coffee with Job 19 – What a Friend!

Job 6:22-30 – Are you teachable? How painful are honest words …If only there was a friend who would listen….This Coffee with Job includes a bonus track at the end – St Petes version of What a Friend we have in Jesus….(I remember when it happened – I came into the church before the service and Simon Kennedy the guitarist just smiled at me – then they played this Country/R and B version of this great hymn – someone at the end said ‘yee hah!).  I just wanted to say Hallelujah!

As usual you can also get this (and subscribe) here on YouTube…

Coffee with Job 18 – Band of Brothers


  1. Just as well David Meredith is there to oversee your Job sessions or it sounds like you may run the risk of either the technology or you being thrown over the balacony to the sound of braying garden machinery!!

  2. Love your short talks on Job and on Romans recently ps David , live the song ..”what a friend we have in Jesus” brought many fond memories as a teenage when I first heard the gospel in Sydney as a new immigrant coming from the old former socialist republic of Yugoslavia..

    1. Just the Job. Tito saved you folks from full – blown Communism and one of Tito’s Scottish helpers was Sir Fitzroy MacLean .

      FM is the only soldier in the British Army who rose , during that war , from the rank of private to that of Major General.

      In WW1 , Sir William Robertson ( who answered happily throughout his life , to his Scottish father’s Caledonian dimunition , the DC Thomson – friendly Wullie ) rose from private to Field Marshall.

  3. Thank you David. Just what was needed after a very difficult traumatic end to a lovely time & day with the Brethren. Mana from heaven & music to our soul. The Lord Jesus bless & keep you & all of us His people, as there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. Halleluyah!

  4. When the pain cuts too deep…human relationships fail; the way ahead seems wrought with disappointments and difficulties; sickness and death are knocking at the door. We are reminded of our fragility. “Where do we flee?” The only place to flee is to Christ Jesus our Lord!! ‘What a friend we have in Jesus’, as yesterday’s song conveyed.
    Thank you for this Job series, David.

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