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Coffee with Job 17 – Give Me Strength

What do you do when you are worn out and have no strength left?  Todays Coffee with Job looks at this….Job 6:11-13

You can also get it on YouTube here – and subscribe.

Coffee with Job 16-Tasteless Words and Words of Hope


  1. Hi David
    You tweeted that the WHO have said that the vaccines don’t prevent transmission of COVID – can you link to where you saw that by any chance?


    1. It was on the ABC radio news this morning. Their spokesperson stated that the vaccines were not designed to prevent transmission, but to prevent serious illness and hospitalisations. That has proven to be correct.

      1. Thanks David. Very interesting. If this be the case, then a lot of people’s argument for vaccine “passports” would fail.

  2. Thanks so much for this David. I am listening every day, it really helps. I am feeling rather sad at the present time because I recently made the decision to leave the Methodist Church I attended over their recent decision about SSM in the church. I don’t hate anybody for who they are (my own son is gay and I love him very much). I just believe we are ALL sinners (I’m one of the worst) who desperately need God’s grace AND truth in our lives. Covering sin over and just saying ‘God loves you no matter what you do’, isn’t right. When Jesus showed compassion and forgiveness to the woman who committed adultery, he told her to do one thing – ‘Go and sin no more’. A second chance. Another start and another, better life. That’s what Jesus has offered me and offers to anyone who comes to Him. I don’t know where to go from here, but my times are in God’s hands and I will trust in Him.

    1. Thanks Christine…lovely to hear from you. I totally understand and agree with you about leaving the Methodist Church – there is no point in staying in a church that moves away from the Word of God. It’s not easy. But God will honour you.

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