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Triggernometry – The Greatest UK Scandal – an Incredible Testimony

Other than the scandal of abortion, I think this story is the greatest scandal and evil in the past decades in the UK.  Despite combining racism, religious prejudice, mysogny and class snobbery – one of the great scandals is how underreported this has been.  A government report on it has been kept secret, the commentariat and politicians have largely been silent (indeed some politicians were even disciplined for speaking out about it, and once again the Church has largely been complicitly silent.   Then this week the podcast Triggernometry interviewed  Dr Ella Hill – one of the Rotherham victims.  This is an astonishing and disturbing interview – but also wonderful – as she testifies to her Christian faith and how that has impacted her.  The story was also told on Premier.


I’m not going to make any comment other than to highlight some of the points she makes in the interview.    It is really jaw-dropping – especially the section on her Christianity and forgiveness – around 15 minutes.

  • Half a million girls have been systematically abused over the past 40 years. Because of race and religion.
  • The police told me there was nothing they could do-  because it was the culture of the time.
  • You can’t commit hate crime against a white person.  Although I was told I was raped because I was white but the police said they could not treat this as a race hate crime.
  • I forgive and love my enemies because of my Christian faith – that’s my choice.
  • I am scared of Antifa and the anti-Fascists so have to be anonymous. Family members are scared because of them. People are scared to have a union jack in the garden…they are scared to show white skin so they cover up.
  • I get called a Nazi, fascist and enemy of Islam.
  • I get called ‘Gammon’ – I hate it. We were called easy meat when we were raped and abused.
  • Shut up for the sake of diversity – be careful not to offend different ethnic groups
  • To be told you are racist for reporting racist abuse is shocking. I reported racist tweets against white people and was told by Twitter we don’t remove anti-white tweets because historically whites have not been marginalised.
  • BLM is frightening to me because I was forced to bend the knee and kiss my perpetrators’ feet.
  • The Home Office report on grooming gangs was not published because they were scared of it provoking anti-Muslim attacks.
  • I hope they will look at the spiritual issues as well because there is spiritual abuse.
  • Because of the BLM movement we can’t say that everyone’s live matters. They are anti-White and anti-Western.
  • There are a lot of victims from working class families.
  • A lot of them think they are racist because the police tell them they are racist. There was one girl whose evidence did not count because the police said they were racist.
  • Corporate diversity panels need to make sure they are balanced.
  • White Fragility (the book) is upholding the grooming gang ideology that white people are trash.
  • Political correctness means that a member of parliament cannot stand up for rape victims.

Think about this – in today’s Britain – this brave woman – a victim of multiple rapes – still has to obscure her face because she is scared of retaliation.

I cannot comprehend why this interview is not headline news on every major news outright in the UK.   I cannot understand why other Christians are so silent on this.  I hope and pray that everyone who reads this will share it widely.   Don’t expect it to be widely covered in the UK media.

I cannot understand why people say ‘oh yes, this has been covered.’  That’s not the point. It’s HOW it has been covered.  The UK media have given us weeks of analysis and reporting on the horrible death of George Floyd in the USA.  If Dr Hill had been black and attacked by a group of white supremacists – it would be headline news for years.  But she says that half a million young women like her have been raped and abused.  Half a million!  Even if that figure is only 10% true it is utterly horrendous.  What message are our media, politicians and cultural leaders sending to these young women?  Because you are white, mainly working class women, your lives don’t matter?  Lord have mercy! 

Dr Ella Hill is a Rotherham grooming gang survivor. Support her work:

Sex, secrecy and stars in a crooked and depraved generation



  1. I cannot even begin to comprehend how her trust was betrayed so blatantly by the police, nor how she actually survived. This is shattering testimony – but thank you David for linking to the whole interview. And despite all this, Dr Ella manages to forgive them! Maranatha…

  2. I am gobsmacked – I was almost in tears about what this brave young doctor has shared and her Christian witnessing to love her “enemies” and it giving her peace. And her sharing that in the context of BLM chanting “not justice no peace” being a perpetuating of no peace and justice being through revenge is light.

    I really don’t have words…

    What an incredibly brave woman.

    “We are not being protected against being falsely accused of being racists… attacks are really bad.”

    So it is a war – and whilst many are fragile coming out of lockdown and there is the need for comfort. There is also the need for strengthening just as if going to war – with the good fight not being against the flesh but against rulers and authorities in this dark world and spiritual forces in the heavenly realms in God’s love.

    Real love is not for the faint hearted!

  3. So glad you drew attention to this truly amazing interview. Everyone really should watch it. When Dr Hill talks about her Christian faith and love for enemies you can see it deeply impressed the (I understand non-Christian) interviewers too.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I was completely unaware of this UK situation. It highlights many issues which affect the US as well. I shared the YouTube video link with my company on our corporate diversity chat channel, as the identity politics and ignoring or trivializing unjust acts toward people without as much melatonin as active from top to bottom here.

    My comment with my corporate post was:
    Helpful and sober interview dealing with some serious racially and religiously motivated crimes in UK. The discussion brings up points which are worth considering as we seek to champion diversity and inclusion and not provoke division and harm

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