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Quantum 96 – China, Hong Kong and India; George Floyd; YouTube Censorship; Disney’s Gay Cartoon; Scottish Indoctrination; Australian Gambling; Influencers; The Rainbow; Cummings; Beethoven

This weeks Quantum ranges from The West Wing to Labour of Love!

Tensions between China and Hong Kong – China and India.

The horror of the killing of George Floyd.

YouTube censorship –

Disneys new gay cartoon –


The indoctrination of children in Scotland

Australian gambling.

The reclaiming of the rainbow

Dominic Cummings

 BBC bias –

Skye Wheatley

Beethoven’s 6th


Quantum 95 – Ravi; Owen Jones; Cambridge Uni; Australian Premiers; China; President of Ghana; Islamic Call to Prayer; McDonalds; Russell Brand; and Runrig




  1. Re the Hong Kong situation , President Trump should be honest and assure us that no American lives will be risked defending Democracy in Hong Kong or Taiwan.

    The India / China quarrel is also none of the West’s business. When economic competitors fall out we should sit quietly and hope for a prolongation of the dispute.

    As far as Dominic Cummings is concerned , there is always a danger when a powerful person with an IQ of 150 imagines he has an IQ of 210.

  2. Beethoven and so many other greats owe much of their inspiration to Christianity thus demonstrating its erstwhile social utility.

    Here’s one musical offering which may be apt (for those who prize Faith above Reason) during a time of widespread death :

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