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Ordinary – Christians and Culture

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‘Ordinary’ is a podcast from Christ Church, Haywards.  Last week this episode 34 featuring an interview with yours truly was released.   We look at Christians and Culture – and how we proclaim the Gospel in today’s culture.   We cover amongst other things  – politics, Dundee, cultural evangelism…..

Graham Nicholls, Josh Bannister and Mark Ventham are excellent hosts.  You can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Itunes or at the link above.  Enjoy this weeks below…

I love what these guys do.  Christ Church, Haywards Heath – is a good sign for the future of the Gospel in England.


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  1. Antifa may have had an input so it may be as well to remember that every Nationalist “patriot” is by definition a ” Fascist”.

    There is , of course, an important exception , viz., the SNP, a party which adheres to an EU supranationalism thus escaping the nativist pejorative and settling comfortably for globalist Cultural Marxism.

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