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Sinclair Ferguson on John 12; Andy Robertson on Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:8; City Alight – Jerusalem; Hungarian Reformed Church

Last Sunday Sinclair preached in the morning on John 12

Leader: Craig

Praise Leader: Colin

Preacher: Sinclair Ferguson

Songs: King of Kings Majesty; Jerusalem; Hosanna blessed is the king who comes; Ps 119:113-120; Salvation belongs to our God

Reading: Acts 21:37 to 22:29; Ps 119:113-120

Sermon:  John 12:12-39


And in the evening Andy Robertson preached what one visiting preacher called “the best sermon I’ve ever heard on Ecclesiastes”!



Leader: Craig

Praise Leader: Colin

Preacher: Andy

Songs: Christ Alone Cornerstone; From the Breaking of the Dawn;  Ps 118:15-20; My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness

Reading: Numbers 4:21-49

Sermon: Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:8 – Don’t waste your life

Also in the evening we had Peter and Christina from Hungary talking about their work.  I think its the first time we have had Hungarian spoken in St Peters!

Ministers Monday Message:

It was an absolute joy to be back worshipping with you yesterday. Just sitting praying, praising, hearing the Scriptures being read and God’s word being preached by Sinclair, was wonderful. I hope God willing to be back preaching next Sunday morning – Easter Sunday.

Leading up to that we have something new for St Peter’s – almost a week of Easter services with various local preachers. These will be short (ish) services every evening from six to seven.

On Tuesday the theme is Jerusalem; Wednesday, Gethsemane; Thursday, The Upper Room (including Communion); Friday, Golgotha. Then on Saturday we have a Family Easter Event from 2-4pm.

Can I encourage you to support as many of these events as you can; both for your own sake and also for friends and family. I would suggest that the Saturday and Sunday mornings would be particularly appropriate to invite people to. The Cross and Resurrection of Christ are The World changing events. It is as people come to experience that for themselves that their world is changed.

Pray, invite, come….and worship.

See you during the week….

Yours in Christ

It’s good to report at the end of the week that these services went really well – excellent attendances, great preaching and a sense of the Lord’s presence….a good way to spend Easter week.  Now looking forward to this morning!

Our Easter hymn this year has been City Alight’s Jerusalem:


1 Thessalonians 1 (Sinclair Ferguson), Mark 5 (Harry Mealyea); Learning to be Happy; How He Loves (Crowder) and Monday Message

I Confess….

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