Bible Sermons St Peters The Free Church Worship

Praise and Preaching – Iver Martin on John 20, Sinclair Ferguson on 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10; Alaister Begg; Steph Macleod- In Christ Alone

Morning Service

Leader: Hugh Henderson

Praise Leader: Mairi De LA Haye

Iver Martin ETSc nwPreacher: Iver Martin

Songs: ~Holy, Holy, Holy; My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness; Ps 134(b); Ps 119:97-104; Christ is Made the Sure Foundation

Readings: Acts 21:1-16 ;  Psalm 119:97-104

Sermon: John 20:19-27

Evening Service

Leader:  Hugh Henderson

Praise Leader: Mairi De La Haye

Preacher: Sinclair Ferguson

Songs: Praise My Soul the King of Heaven; Christ is Mine Forevermore; Ps 13:1-6;  O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus 

Readings: Numbers 3

Sermon: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 –

Ministers Monday Message

Again I was sorry that I was not able to be with you yesterday but I heard through the grapevine that you had a great day with Iver Martin and Sinclair Ferguson. It was also really good to hear that Seona Mackay became a member at the communion in the evening.

Speaking of the evening – Have a look at this short clip below of Alaister Begg talking about something said about the evening service.

Around 25 years ago we had a serious look at whether we should have an evening service at all (the numbers at the time were in single figures). We were conscious that there is no specific command in Scripture to have two services. Maybe this was just a cultural thing? So we looked at it seriously and considered a proposal to not have an evening service and instead have a morning service that started with a prayer meeting, then an all age Sunday school, then coffee, then the service, followed by a lunch together. But we decided not to do away with the evening service. Why? Because we there are people who work shifts and are not able to come in the morning; because of evangelism; and because although there is no command to have two services there is a command to keep Sunday special and to have it as a day set apart for the worship of God. Having two services helps us do that. Perhaps if we lived in a world where people were attending home groups, prayer meetings and regularly meeting together in their homes or elsewhere, we might not need an evening service. But we don’t live in those days.

If you think that church is something you come TO, not something that you ARE, then I suspect that you are far more likely to regard the evening service as an optional extra. If you just come to the evening service (or indeed the morning) because you think it earns you merit points in heaven – then I’m not sure you have grasped what the Gospel is? But if you see the evening service to be a further opportunity to be with your Christian family, hear Gods word, pray to him together, worship him publicly and be ‘filled up’ and prepared for the week ahead – then the question is – why would you miss it? (I’m sorry that I have to add this caveat – but I do – I am not seeking to impose a guilt trip on those who through family, health or other circumstances, cannot come – I am simply asking about what our desire is). I am sitting writing this on Sunday evening, ironically because I am unable to be in church. But my desire is to be with you all, to hear Gods word and sit at his table. There would be something profoundly wrong with me, if that were not the case.

Hopefully I will be well enough to see you all next Sunday (at least in the morning!)

Have a great week – and don’t forget the collective prayer meeting this Wednesday – 7:30pm in the hall.

Yours in Christ


Praise Song:

This is a great Celtic version of In Christ Alone from Steph Macleod”


Catch Up From Last Week:

Praise and Preaching from St Petes: Titus 3 (Bob Akroyd); 1 Thessalonians 1 (Sinclair Ferguson); What a Beautiful Name


  1. I like listening to the singing and the prayers at St.Peters. The pastoral prayer in the morning service above was exemplary. St.Peters has a large number of worthy elders.
    I especially like the singing of psalms – a concept which is new to me. Do you sing all the psalms in turn (including the cursing psalms) or do you stick to a few favourites?

    1. Phil – Thanks – we try to sing as many of the psalms as we can. We have a psalmody of the 150 psalms – called Sing Psalms you can get it off the Free Church website?

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