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Quantum 19 – French Riots; Spain and Italy; UN Migration Compact; Apple Censorship; Veganophobia; The Lord of the Rings; George Bush; Roger Scruton; Sex and Gender; Fury Boxing; Brexit

This weeks Quantum covers everything from Riots and Boxing to Veganophobia and Lord of the Rings!  Enjoy .  You can listen by clicking this link…

(also a number of people have been asking if you can get it on Itunes – yes – go here to subscribe)

1) France and the Macron Riots –

2) The EU – Andalusia and Italy – The EU in the UK

3) UN Migration Compact and Vegans and Islamaphobia Parliament

4) Apple Censorship –

5) Chick Fil – A –

 6) Veganophobia –

 7) Orcs – Lord of the Rings

 8)  George Bush –

9)  Point of View – Sunday – Roger Scruton

10) Sex, Gender and Sport –

£80,000 on Trans prisoner –

John Mason –

11) Fury and Wilder –


Quote of the week – GK Chesterton “At least five times the Faith has to all appearances gone to the dogs. In each of these five cases, it was the dog that died.”

Missed last weeks?  Catch up by clicking the link below…

Quantum 18 – China; Taiwan; Christmas in Brunei; Censorship ; Transmania; Rainbow Badges in the NHS; Anti-Semitism in Hungary; The Ukrainian Holocaust; John Allen Chau

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  1. Language is forever evolving. T
    he average Westerner would likely be revolted by an idiom such as, Bringing home the dog flesh so – Bringing home the bagels , and, Putting all One’s berries in a basket sound pretty good to me.

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