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Persuasive Evangelism in the Local Church

This is the second talk I gave at the FIEC Conference.  I hope it is helpful

Persuasive Evangelism in The Local Church – FIEC Leaders Conference

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  1. You cannot recall losing a debate with an atheist?
    Matt Dillahunty?

    And this based your view that the atheist position is inconsistent
    Good grief! Now there’s an example of Dunning/Kruger if ever there was.

    You belong to a religion that has over 35,000 different sects, many of which have been slaughtering each other over the millennia simply because of doctrinal disagreements.

    1. Thats your best yet – the Dillahunty debate is my favourite debate ever with an atheist – also the most fruitful….only last month I was contacted by a former atheist who was as militant as you but when he heard the Dillahunty debate he thought ‘is that the best we have got’? He is now an agnostic and inquiring about Christianity….feel free to share that debate widely!

    1. Rightly or wrongly, Steve,
      Scotland is said — by Jews themselves — to be the only country in Christendom where there never was a pogrom so maybe we should factor that in to any response. Also, the Daily Mail title undermines the article’s serious pretensions by charging the Bible with antisemitism when the article itself —marginally more sensibly— accuses the New Testament (and the Koran). It seems obvious to many Jews that if antisemitism is traced back to the way Christians interpreted the New Testament then the roots of antisemitism must be in the New Testament itself. Any questioning of that conclusion gets called Revisionism. Strange then that Scotland, with ‘the best educated peasantry in Europe’ and that education wed to the Bible in a way that outstripped anything that can be compared elsewhere, did not pick up on that putative antisemitism. It should at least be considered that it is possible that these so-called trigger verses do not express antisemitism at all!
      Parodying themselves, Jews often reduce all issues down to the one question: ‘Is it good for the Jews?’ Friends would say that seeing antisemitism everywhere is not good for the Jews and can be demonstrated to be counterproductive.

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