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Quantum 15 – US Elections; Micheilin; Christmas; Remembrance Sunday; Israel; Finland and Child Sex; IFES in Barcelona; the Sexist Homophobic Snowman


Welcome to Quantum no.15….this week features comment and music – Christmas music, new Scottish hymns and Portuguese Christians singing about The Revolution!  Listen here –

US Elections – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-46120373


  • It’s a Mad, Mad World




  • It’s a Gospel World – IFES in Barcelona –




“Speaking the truth in love’ is the substance of our Christian profession. Pray, brethren, let us labour to love the truth; and to take off all prejudices from our minds, that we may do so.” John Owen – Perilous Times. Works Vol9 p.328

Quantum 14 – Asia Bibi; Defaming Mohammed; Sinead O’Connor; Pittsburg Massacre; Red Dead Redemption; Brazilian President; Presbyterian Church of Ireland; The Chief Mammie; John Anderson

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  1. See article in today’s Guardian newspaper entitled

    “Scotland to embed LGBTI teaching across curriculum
    Equality campaigners hail new inclusive curriculum as ‘monumental victory’” .

    So this isn’t indoctrination but teaching biblical principles is. Hold fast to that which is good. How else are we to go and to whom else can we turn.

  2. “Scotland to embed LGBTI teaching across curriculum
    Equality campaigners hail new inclusive curriculum as ‘monumental victory’” .
    Hmmm. LGBTI “teaching”. Just what is LGBTI ‘teaching’?
    When I was a Modern Studies teacher a crucial part of Modern Studies was ‘balance’. You could not pass Higher Modern Studies unless you showed an awareness of at least two sides of an issue. Is proportional representation a good system of voting? Candidates had to show an awareness of the arguments for and against PR. So will this LGBTI ‘teaching’ be treated in a similar fashion or will MS candidates only gain pass marks if they are able to parrot LGBTI ‘teaching’ as thrust down their throats by the likes of Stonewall?

  3. I don’t know Mike but I wonder how on earth they are going to “embed” this serious matter into the curriculum, the outfall of this experiment is awful to predict but no doubt it will soon be revealed – I’m not au fait with the school system now but I’m guessing it will be introduced as early as possible into scholars lessons regardless of whether teachers are comfortable with it or not, or whether the pupils/parents/guardians appreciate the underlying meanings of it all for their own future – no opt outs as we are told. Whatever the reasons for putting this forward so forcefully – and political hubris seems high on the agenda, I just hope it fails before it starts and we need to pray for that end, as we will be seen to be vile enemies of all that is inclusive and equal by opposing this hateful and hurtful encumbrance on educating children. Such a matter is private and not something to be pushed in a school where the pressures of growing up are significant enough without casting open the sexualised thoughts of academics and politicians, who are similarly misguided in their efforts to zealously promote an agenda of which results they will absolve themselves of any culpability.

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