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Quantum 12 – Andrew Brunson; Ashers; Socialism and Climate Change; Cambridge Uni; Bavarian Elections; Hate Crime; The Church of Scotland in Shetland


1) Andrew Brunson –

2) Ashers.

3) Is Socialism the only way to beat climate change –

4) University declines Rememberance Service –

5) Bavarian Elections –

6) More hate crimes –

7) The Decline of the Church of Scotland –


Quantum 11 | The Wee Flea Podcast – CAP; Grievance Studies; The Tartan Taliban; Children’s Gay Love Letters; Rev.Peter Nimmo; Tim Keller; Banksy


  1. As a typesetter, now essentially retired, the topic of Ashers Bakery has caused me to think more about what kind of information a Christian should feel able to convey. I recently had to process a gruesome novel, containing profanity and portraying all kinds of immorality and bloodlust. The job came to me from a fellow typesetter who became ill and was unable to do the work, so I felt compelled to take it on but was very uncomfortable doing so. However, I also realised that I was in no way responsible for the book’s content, and while I believe the Ashers Bakery issue has caused people to debate the topic, I don’t really think they needed to refuse to decorate the cake with the requested wording for the simple reason that the message was the customer’s, not theirs; they were merely the conduit.

    However, what has been very obvious from this case is that what is portrayed as a culture of love and acceptance was used by the prospective customer as one of deception and intolerance, and the most appalling thing to me is that he was lauded for his actions which appear to have been planned, calculated, petty-minded and vindictive; and that aspect seems to have been overlooked by everybody. I wonder what kind of counter-action the Ashers could have brought against him if they were that way inclined. But God forbid.

  2. Some facts about Bavaria.
    Hitler was an Austrian but left Austria and went to live in Munich, the capital of Bavaria, in 1913.
    Hitler joined the German Workers’ Party, which later became the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP or Nazis for short).
    In 1923 Hitler attempted to overthrow the Government of Bavaria.
    The Nazi party rallies were staged in Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria.
    All very bad-looking for Bavaria.
    However, if, in November 1932, the rest of Germany had voted the same way as did Bavaria, then it is much less likely that Hitler would have come to power. In the 1920s and 1930s, Bavaria was a predominantly Catholic state. Catholics voted mainly for the Centre Party. The dominant party in Bavaria at the time was the Centre Party. In the last pre-war democratic election in Germany (November 1932) the Nazis did poorly in Bavaria.
    However, Bavaria did not totally escape the Protestant Reformation. Nuremberg, for example, became a predominantly Protestant city. Indeed, Protestantism is stronger than Catholicism in the north-western area of Bavaria. Only this part of Bavaria voted mainly for the Nazis in 1932. The variation in support for the Nazis across Germany can be seen in the upper map at this link. The lower map shows the variation in religious affiliation across Germany in 1932.
    It can be seen from the two maps that where, as in Bavaria, the proportion of Catholics in the population was high support for the Nazis was low.
    This map shows that support for the Nazis in Bavaria was only high in the north-western part of Bavaria.,_November_1932#/media/File:Reichstagswahl_November_1932.svg
    Incidentally, the threshold for representation in German elections is 5% but it is also possible for parties to win seats by winning constituencies.

  3. One point of elucidation. There is a reference to Franz-Josef Strauss in the audio covering the ADF. Many people might be scratching their heads and saying, “Franz Josef who?” Franz Josef Strauss was a leading Bavarian politician of the 1960s, 790s and 80s. He was chairman of the CSU from 1961 until 1988. He was a member of the federal cabinet in different positions between 1953 and 1969 and minister-president of the state of Bavaria from 1978 until 1988. He was very much a bogeyman to people on the Left. Also mentioned is Markus Söder. He is a German politician and a member of the Christian Social Union party. He has served as Minister President of Bavaria since March 2018.

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