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Janet Parshall – Brexit, Memphis, New York, the Gender of God, the Decline of the Church and the Gospel in a post-Christian age

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As always I enjoyed this months discussion with Janet  –  covering Brexit, Scottish Independence,  Memphis, New York,  the Gender of God and the decline of the Church (especially the C of E)…and how to respond in a post -Christian culture…enjoy you  can listen to it on the Moody Radio Player here

People ask why I do this?  Lots of reasons…but a couple of stories that might encourage you….last Sunday in St Petes we had a couple from Florida who came because they had heard the show.  And then I met with a minister who is now working in Scotland –  who when he was driving in Florida and telling his children they were thinking of coming to Dundee Scotland, heard Janet’s show with ‘the pastor from Dundee, Scotland’!  God works in mysterious ways….even through yours truly and Janet….

Janet Parshall – the March Show – A Smorgasbord of Conversation!




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