Quantum 08 | The Wee Flea Podcast

|1| Jose Mourinho.

|2| Trans again (and Green Trans).

|3| Brown University.

|4| Bullying of Christians and home schooling (Bullying at work).

|5| Stephen Furtick.


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1) Mourinho

BBC Sport  |  ‘I am one of the greatest managers in the world’

2) Trans again (and Green/Trans)

Telegraph.co.uk  |  Transgender politics is a world where if I say a thing is true, it is

Edinburgh Uni

Christian Concern  |  Pronoun badges for University Freshers

Gender Reassignment Surgery at 81

BBC News  |  ‘I had gender reassignment surgery at 81’

Caroline Lucas and Amy Challenor

Spectator – How Caroline Lucas fell foul of the transgender thought police

Brown University

The Telegraph  |  Brown University in row with transgender activists over claims gender dysphoria spreading among children

Bullying of Christians and home schooling (also work)

Daily Mail  |  Christians are turning to home-schooling amid a massive rise in religious bullying – with some kids targeted for opposing same-sex marriage

Stephen Furtick

Stephen Furtick on Facebook  |  The One Thing Jesus Can’t Do

Quote of the Week

“Racism and anti-Semitism are not incidental defects in Enlightenment thinking. They flow from some of the Enlightenment’s central beliefs.”

John Gray

from “Seven Types of Atheism”


  1. Am really enjoying these podcasts. They are thought provoking and it’s great to see a minister being salt and light. May God give you the grace and wisdom to continue to contend for the faith.

    Not sure about Steve Furtick, however, as the scripture is quite clear that Jesus could do no mighty work there and clearly states why as well, because of their unbelief. So that effectively means that the most anointed person ever to walk this planet, the Lord Jesus Christ, could not help them in that time and at that place.

    I don’t think one can extrapolate from this that through prayer/love/witness hardened hearts cannot be changed. In Steve Furtick’s church there are literally hundreds of testimonies of salvation from those who were in exactly that place.

    1. Thanks…I think the point is that Jesus could not do mighty works there because he was limited in his human nature and knowledge….but now he is in glory and sends out his Spirit that does not apply. Furtick’s notion that Jesus cannot change our hearts – only we can – is just unbiblical.

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