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Quantum 05 | The Wee Flea Podcast

|1|  Argentina and Abortion

|2| Belgium and Euthanasia

|3| Scandinavia and Immigration

|4| Boris and Diversity

|5| Ely Cathederal and Perth Pride


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|1| Argentina and Abortion

The Christian Institute  |  Argentina votes to protect women and unborn children from abortion

Peter D Williams  |  BBC news clip on Facebook

Nurses Community on Facebook  |  Clearest MRI scan of a pregnancy  |   Hungary sees abortion numbers plunge with rise of pro-family policies

|2| Belgium and Euthanasia

The Sydney Morning Herald |  Belgian children, aged nine and 11, youngest ever to be euthanised

|3| Scandinavia and Immigration

The New York Times  |  Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class

|4| Boris and Diversity

Premier Christian Radio  |  The News Hour – Thursday 9th August 2018 – 01:00 pm – (ten minutes in ).

Julia Hartley Brewer on Twitter  |  Talk Radio video clip with Deputy Chief Inspector of the Met

|5| Ely Cathederal and Perth Pride

Rebel Priest  |  Cathedrals bless Gay Pride proclaiming “diversity” as the new gospel

BBC  |  Hardtalk with Vicky Beeching (or was it actually softtalk?)

ITV  |  Musician Vicky Beeching Reveals That She Tried Gay Conversion Therapy | Lorraine

The Reformation Project  |  Vicky Beeching Keynote at The Reformation Project in Kansas City  (From 36 mins)

‘I don’t like “as a” statements very much, but I thought I’d give a word of encouragement to you Mr Robertson.

As a man who was consumed by LGBT identitarianism for some time at university, who genuinely thought I was gay, and then came to Christ more fully (I kinda had a gnostic-ish belief in what I thought to be the triune Christian God before) through the witness of a specific Church, and who now is engaged (to a kind, Godly and beautiful woman) , I can say that the gospel you preach is far better, kind and loving than any of the Beeching and affirmation crowds.

For me, it angers me deeply when I hear LGBT affirmation from professing Christians, as to me it feels like they want me to shove my face back in my vomit so to speak. Their gospel is one of slavery to ones sel-made identity (read idol), where yours is one of freedom in Christ. I originally wanted for the affirmation arguments to be true, but now I consider them utterly appalling. They effectively deny Christ’s power to save us, and create a clean heart in us. A “clean heart” needing to be created after all requires the current heart to be filthy.

And no; I’m not some individual that has been brainwashed by “gay-cure” therapy, which is just the other side of the coin of the heresy that dominates LGBT identitarianism (Pelagianism). I also don’t think my experience is universal, the struggle is life-long for most, nor do I think I’m somehow a special Christian, merely one who has been changed by the awesome power and love of God. The call from Christ is a love that preaches self-denial (Mark, Luke and Matthew all have Jesus telling people to “deny” themselves in order to “follow” Him Matthew 16:24, Luke 9:23, Mark 8:34) not of self acceptance as Beeching espouses. Jesus destroyed the false God in my heart and changed my nature. I’m not perfect by any means (there is still sin in my heart in thought, word and deed that pops up), but I know God can change anyone, for He did change and is changing me.’



  1. Thank you again David for a very informative Quantum. There was much to dwell on but your words on Runrig were sweet . I wonder if the boys realised just how Christians were blessed in many of their songs without reading very far between the lines. God richly blessed their culture , and they in turn have been a great blessing to us .

  2. Amnesty International were trying to introduce the right to be a prostitute at one point, so we can see what they think of women.

    Half a million illegal abortions? 3000 women have died since 1983? The only thing I’d add to Peter Williams’ excellent comments is wouldn’t it be more progressive for Argentina to address the root causes that drive women to seek abortion in the first place? The most recent publicised self-induced miscarriage death had reportedly had two previous abortions.

    Basically, both of these hold women to be more valuable when their bodies are most like men i.e. not bearing children and when they are most available to the least female-respecting of those men. And anyone who disagrees is the oppressor….

    1. I should say, I’d add to the comments if Peter didn’t cover that ground himself. And I’d reword my sentence to read “The woman who died in the most recent publicised case of self-induced miscarriage had….” as she was a life, not a death. I read that back and couldn’t leave it.

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