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Drag Queen Story Time

What would you do if the following story appeared in your local newspaper?

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Would you

a) Say ‘what a great idea’ and be thankful that tax payers money is being spent in such a constructive way?

b) Ask ‘What’s the world coming to?’, shrug your shoulders and get on with life?

c) Write an angry letter to the paper pointing out that we have all gone to the dogs!

For me none of the above is the answer.   Although I did write a letter (see below).  The clipping1 (7)problem is that the way the narrative is framed this is all about ‘inclusion and diversity’, preventing hate crime and bringing peace to the world. The latter was according to the editorial in the paper .   Note that the editor acknowledges that there is a ‘deeper meaning’ behind the event.  Indeed there is.  It’s all part of the current fashion to indoctrinate our children into the Queer theory revolution that our elites are pushing on the rest of us.

My problem was how do you write a letter that does not just come across as ‘angry from Tunbridge Wells’…and thereby feeds the narrative anymore.  I tried to set the story in a wider context and offer a challenge and questions which I hope would cause others to question their own presuppositions that this must inevitably be a good thing.  I also wanted to express the fears, questions and disappointment of those who are fed up of taxpayers money being used for this constant propaganda.  Whether I succeeded or not I will leave you to judge.

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Dear Editor,

25% of Dundee’s children are living in poverty. 10% are suffering from hunger. One in five children and teenagers are not functionally literate. Mental health issues amongst young people are increasing exponentially. And so we call a drag queen to promote ‘inclusion and diversity’ (Courier 26th July)!

I have no objection to a drag queen giving children some fun – but lets not pretend that this is about challenging stereotypes. Given that drag queens thrive on the stereotypes of extreme ‘feminine’ clothing and behaviour, this will only reinforce those stereotypes.

Nor is it about promoting ‘inclusion and diversity’. Its about promoting one particular philosophy of sex and gender known as Queer theory – to the exclusion of all others. The fact that this is the current fashion for the civic elites, does not mean that the rest of should not be allowed to question whether this is a good use of tax payers money. .

The Transgender community are about 0.01% of the population. The Christian population are over 50%. I wonder if Dundee City Council would pay someone to come and have a bible story time in their library or would they regard that as non-inclusive?

Having a drag queen in the library will not bring about peace and the end of hate. The only thing that can counter hate is love. Which is why children need to hear more about the God who is love, and the loving commands that he gives to us. But apparently in todays topsy turvy world indoctrinating five year olds about LGBTQI is ‘inclusive’, whilst teaching about the God who is love is excluded.

David Robertson

St Peters Free Church


Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 11.26.50This story is a great example of how our society is not dealing with the real issues of poverty and exclusion, so instead leaps on the latest cultural fade which allows our leaders to show just how caring and with it they are.   We are indoctrinating children into a philosophy which will only cause further harm and degradation.

What a shame that the Council won’t spend money on doing something that would do a great deal more good for the children.  I love the fact that the Courier picked up and highlighted this phrase “I wonder if Dundee City Council would pay someone to come and have a bible story time in their library or would they regard that as non-inclusive?”


Incidentally there were only 20 children attended…..

Let Them Eat Rainbows. The Sexualisation and the Poverty of Children


    1. Daniel,
      Given some of Pope Francis’s recent appointments to the posts of bishops, cardinals and members of the curia and given the types of people he has dismissed from senior appointments in the Church (eg. Cardinals Pell and Brandmueller) I suspect that David would be unlikely to be given the post of bishop even if he were a Catholic priest.

  1. Will parents who choose to stay away, for whatever personal reason, be then labelled hate-crime perpetrators? This is the crazy ‘binary’ outcome of this new liberal totalitarianism: any dissent is unacceptable; to disagree is to ‘hate’!

    1. If it was about rejecting sex stereotypes, they’d identify as princes and kings who weren’t “stereotypical”. Love how you put “feminine” in quotes.

      It doesn’t matter if the kids don’t get the deeper meaning, says the Courier… long may that continue. It’s a bit like a page three model doing a session on body positivity. It’s a good message, and a nice person…. and the deeper meaning is neither.

    2. Sorry Paul, I was typing a reply to your comment, thought better of its wording and abandoned it. Then put my reply to David in the same comment box so it appears as a response to you.

      The “disagreement must equal hate” angle does my head in as well.

  2. Well said David, this indoctrination is getting out of hand, no other parts of society, the blind, disabled, and a hundred other handicaps get the press this does. For such a minute part of the population they have made themselves heard and it seems nobody wants to challenge them for fear of offending or being called transphobic. Where’s the diversity and equality for what the rest of us, for what we see as important to society?
    The tail is wagging the dog.

  3. Please continue to speak out David. You are a blessing and I know that it must be hard to keep going in the face of the resistance you get. You’re a modern-day Jeremiah! These stories are absolutely unbelievable. I feel so sad for the young of today. Rest assured you’re in my prayers. PS. You mention the statistic of 50% of Scots being Christians. Why on earth don’t more speak out?

  4. indoctrinate… ha ha ha ha … You really dont get irony do you.

    Oh and “incidentally only 20 attended”….why bother then? The answer is that you and your ilk are obsessed with sex.

    1. “Only” 20 attended? Whether it’s 1… 101…or a million and one the numbers don’t matter it’s the indoctrination of infant minds who swallow what adults feed them as normal. Children should be out playing on their bikes or with friends not listening to confused people trying to indoctrinate them into further confusion. One or two generations down the road we’ll be having a bunch of freaks walking around towns not knowing what’s right or wrong. Have you an interest in supporting this kind of stuff? Sometimes there are sinister motives behind support for such unnatural behaviour.

  5. You had an amazing answer to the story. Jesus (in Bible stories or however we can present Him) is always the answer to all of the world’s problems. We start there and then address the other issues like poverty and hunger.

  6. At least if it’s held in a library the theme should be fairly apparent to a parent from it’s title and therefore, if the parent does not agree, the parent does not take their child along.

    Unlike in schools, where it appears the ‘message’ is now compulsory.

  7. Thanks David. I think the only place where I would disagree with any opf the above is where you say “I have no objection to a drag queen giving children some fun”. Men dressing as women is specifically forbidden in Scripture and only serves to add to the confusion endemic in our day about genders. Tolerating a ‘small’ thing like this has become so acceptable among Christians who laugh along with the world at something God abhors.

  8. The only program that is going to save our society, including the children, is the the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians have failed their responsibility to obey Christ and complete the mission of the Great Commission. (Acts 1:7-8)

  9. “I have no objection to a drag queen giving children some fun” is a shocking statement. Why would any Christian want to expose their children to this perversity?

  10. A voluntary library programme is hardly indoctrination with queer theory.

    Should the council stop spending on anything fun or on reading programmes? As a Christian I’m far less concerned about a few pounds spent on drag queens reading books than I am about the billions of pounds we spend on nuclear weapons for example. The Jesus of the Bible seems like he would be quite concerned about the money we spend on weapons of mass destruction over the poor and yet where is all the Christian outrage? Where is the blog post on that? (It seems akin to someone calling out people for protesting Trump and not Erdogan)

    1. It is indeed a small drop in the ocean. But it is there. Thanks for the suggestion about a blog post on nuclear weapons…I must admit that I have not seen secular liberals, or news media covering this story….and I usually write about what is in the news. As a former member of CND I would be happy to discuss that. Although I can’t really blog about everything…!

  11. These sorts of stories either have my eyes rolling in the back of my head or have me wanting to go bam my head on a wall! Just when I think this is it, we’ve reached our end, we’ve totally gone one step too far into debauchery– a new story and a new step into madness emerges.
    I continue to pray for mercy!

  12. I can’t disagree with much if this. It’s amusing that you have offended your own here with the ‘having some fun’ comment.maybe you are showing some free thought.; if the scripture contradicts this statement.

  13. mgordon 42 – I think we are more concerned about the gender bending themes running through this “inclusion and diversity” subject which has become such a fascination to so many that they take to the streets with pride to proclaim it – obsession is not the accurate noun to use in discussion on this matter but seems to be often used!

  14. Quite interesting. I tried very hard a couple of years ago as a Gideon to give a couple Bibles to the new library in Kelty for reference purposes but was flatly refused. Now I see
    the Dundee library in the name of diversity has welcomed and possibly paid these 2 characters to indoctrinate our children with ideas that leave the majority of us cold.
    I would welcome the opportunity to go to any library and relate bible stories such as The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son and many others that teach about loving your neighbour, forgiveness, contentment and so much more.

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