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Romans 7 – Sin and Law; Running with the Horses; Chrysostom, Psalm 62

“Every day therefore he was in anxious thought at one moment for Corinthians, at another for Macedonians; how Philippians, how Cappadocians, how Galatians, how Athenians, how they who inhabited Pontus, how all together were.  But all the same having had the whole world put into his hands, he continually cared not for entire nations only, but also for each single man” 

IMG_5957“For do not tell me that this or that man is a runaway slave, or a robber or a thief, or laden with countless faults, or that he is a mendicant or abject’ or of low value and worthy of no account; but consider that for his sake the Christ died; and this sufficeth thee, for a ground for all solicitude”

“For also Paul , dwelling in the whole world just as in one house, thus continually took thought for the salvation of all” 

“For nothing – nothing is more powerful than prayer when fervent and genuine”


All the above are from Chrysostom’s sermon on  Philippians 1:8.  I thought they are really helpful to us.  We are to care for the whole world, which means that we care for the individual.

Last Sunday we continued to look at Romans 7 – 

Then in the evening Joe Barnard preached this wonderful sermon from Jeremiah on “Running with the Horses”

This weeks song is the Keyes/Townend version of Psalm 62 – sung by St Peters…


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