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Let Them Eat Rainbows. The Sexualisation and the Poverty of Children

As we prepare to head home I note the depressing news that Downfield primary school in my own city of Dundee has been the first to be awarded an LGBTI ‘silver award’ for their work in promoting ‘diversion and inclusion’.  Watch this little news clip to see how the indoctrination of our children is pushing on full steam.

The children are being indoctrinated into acceptance of a particular philosophy (Queer theory) which most of the teachers don’t even know anything about.  I know this because this is a school I am well acquainted with and have had contact with a number of those involved in the school – including parents.  Some who know what is going on are very unhappy but they are too afraid to say anything (and little wonder….being accused of being ‘homophobic’ in our society is the equivalent of being accused of witchcraft in the 16th Century!).   One activist teacher backed by a city council education chief who is a prime advocate of Queer theory, is taking the whole school down this line – and using the anti-bullying mantra as an excuse for so doing.   Given that this is only a ‘silver’ award one wonders what hoops the school will have to jump through to get a ‘gold’!

In one sense it sounds lovely – the children on the clip inform us that this is  all about ‘making our school a more inclusive and fair place for everyone’ and ‘make everyone to be nice to each other so that no one gets picked on or bullied’.  These children have been well schooled in the correct things to say!  As was the class in another Dundee school which told me that it was absolutely wrong to be homophobic but then one boy went on to say, ‘the Jews deserved what they got in the second world war’!  Here is a major part of the problem.  1-2% of the population in Scotland are LGBTI…and yet the vast majority of anti-bullying resources etc are spent on that tiny group.  How about Downfield being an inclusive school for pupils who are English, or different race, or disabled or Jewish or even Christian?!  Why not cover the school in crosses and bible texts to encourage a more positive attitude to Christians? – you are far more likely to be bullied in school because you are a Christian rather than because you are gay (especially in primary school!).


But this is not about equality, or diversity, or inclusion.  It’s about the promotion of one particular ideology and the exclusion of all who would dare question that ideology.   Why do you think that Downfield are having ‘non-gendered’ uniforms?  What about non-gendered sports?  In fact why have gender in anything?  Unless of course it is to be gender quotas for board rooms or indeed teachers!  It might be a good idea to demand gender balance in the staff room – after all we could do with a lot more male teachers – but it would result in most of our schools closing!   We are in a confused mess.

Sexualisation of Children

It’s also incredibly harmful.  Why?   The sexualisation of little children is appalling.  Make no mistake that is what will happen here.  These children are at a very young age being taught about sex and a particular attitude to sex which will do great harm.  They are being ‘prepared’ for a world in which sex and sexual identity is the be all and end all.   Did you see the poster in the video ‘love is love’?  Apart from being meaningless waffle – it is dangerous meaningless waffle.  Imagine a 7-year-old girl being met in the park by a very nice man who offers her a sweetie and suggests she come back to his place- after all ‘love is love’!  Or the 10-year-old boy showing off the latest hard-core porn on his mobile phone in the playground – ‘what’s wrong with it he might say, ‘love is love’!  Except when it isn’t.


But it gets even worse than that.  Because all this virtue signalling (along with its rewards – look we got on the telly for being the first primary school in Scotland to get an LGBT award from an LGBT group) is being used to mask a much more serious threat to our children – poverty.   This makes me so angry….at the same time as money, resources and time are being spent to promote Queer theory – 25% of children in my city are in poverty.  Can anyone justify that?  I have led camps where there were children who were actually malnourished!

This article appeared in The Courier today.


Will our politicians, academics and journalists do anything about this scandal?  Children in 21st Century Scotland coming to school too hungry to learn!  Is this not where our money and resources should be spent?  But no – we have government-funded organisations dedicated to an ‘equality’ which has nothing to do with social justice, poverty or economics.  It’s all about sex and sexual identity.   We have an education system which discriminates against the poor – but who cares as long as we can tell them ‘love is love’ and cover their classrooms in gay symbols!  Let them eat rainbow flags!

Some might argue – why can’t we have both LGBTI awards and anti-poverty measures?  Are these even connected?  I stress again that I am totally opposed to all forms of bullying – for whatever reason –  and I am all for supporting those who struggle with feelings of sexual identity.  I am just against using bullying as an excuse to indoctrinate all our children with a philosophy which does a great deal of harm.   And here is where there is a link.

The Poverty of Queer Theory

A primary cause of poverty in our society is the breakdown of the family and the increase in the number of dysfunctional families.  Broken homes often lead to broken children.   And a primary cause of broken homes is the selfish, self-absorbed, anti-family teaching of Queer theory.  People want happy families (and the good effects that go with that) but they also want to be 1960’s hippies with a free love philosophy – one which devastates and destroys families and children.   The poor of the schemes in Dundee are paying a heavy price for the sexual freedoms of the elites.  Bertrand Russel’s dream of a sexually liberated population (so that he could have his share – along with his other rich pals) is coming true.   We are sowing the seeds of our own destruction and sadly our children are the ones who will suffer the most.  They are the lambs being led to the slaughter.

Unless we repent and return to the faith that actually built our society and our education system, we are going to continue down this twisted road and descend even further into the mire.   This is what happens when a society turns away from its Christian roots.  Lord, have mercy!

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  1. The first error was allowing our cultures to conflate love and sex. Faithful marital sexual Union is all about love but other sexual contexts are often not so. Sex doesn’t necessarily equal love.

      1. I would first refer you to the post above, which can answer your question. I would add much, much more, but for now I will give you a short answer. Sexual intimacy was designed to be a physical union which unites more than the physical. It is meant to be an expression of affection which uniquely combines two complementary beings emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In a real way, two people become one with one purpose. The sexual experience is then not an isolated act but a continuing component of the relationship which maintains and deepens its intimacy.
        Absent the intention and commitment, absent the love and care for the other person, absent affection, the sexual act necessarily becomes a futile attempt to reach some poorly understood higher state, nothing but getting a rush.
        In the attempt, the two people involved are using each other. They are each consenting to be used by the other for the other’s self-oriented pleasure. And a union which is designed to create and maintain a permanent relationship is borrowed and discarded.
        Think about the physical act alone: it is an astonishingly intimate experience. There is nothing so intimate, or, in less positive experience, so invasive. This is why rape is so very outrageous. And why the promotion of casual, meaningless sex is so bad for relationships and its acceptance so devastating to family and society.

      2. @ John “What harm is caused by consenting adults having sex which isn’t about love I?
        Potential Harm:
        Pubic Lice
        Anal fissures
        HPV causing cervical cancer; oral and throat cancer
        Unwanted Pregnancies
        Broken relationships and marriages
        Hurt children
        Awkwardness –
        (with a casual partner if you have to face them next day)
        Emotional brokeness
        Sexual dysfunction
        Sex addiction
        Judging by Peter Tatchell’s and others’ sex advice: serious potential hygiene risks and humiliation and degradation
        Judging by sex advice offered to lesbians: detrimental, degrading and potentially physically harmful sexual practices.
        Societal moral breakdown
        God’s judgement

        All of the above could be avoided by sticking to God’s plan for sex. Of course there is always forgiveness and restoration!

        We mix up ‘pleasure’ with ‘good’.

        I don’t mean to trample all over your question John. I just sincerely care about people getting broken by the misuse of sex. Sex is God’s good creation and our sexuality is a gift. I notice, that although you express views that oppose the Christian views, at least you are consistently civil and polite and avoid sarcasm unlike some of those commenting on here.
        I hope you find God! (or rather that He makes Himself known to you!)

      3. Martha –

        Pubic Lice
        Anal fissures
        HPV causing cervical cancer; oral and throat cancer
        Unwanted Pregnancies

        Those are conditions linked to sex full stop. You understand that sexual acts between married couples can still lead to many of those ailments?

        Emotional brokeness
        Sexual dysfunction
        Sex addiction”

        Same with those.

  2. Sadly this is all pervasive. The EIS has a lobby group within it. Catholic schools are being coerced to adopting it, even though it may go against their principles (do as the State does or else!). Even Tom Devine, the Edinburgh historian has said that ‘militant secularism that is being inflicted on Scotland will do far more damage than any religious ideologies of the past’

    It disturbs me greatly as a Christian teacher to try and find a way through this morasse. To say that one does not agree… well, you need to be sent on a diversity course because your mind is not liberated enough. The same is true for ancillary staff… plugged into a machine that could very well result in disciplinary proceedings…

    This only results in stressed out staff who, in some cases, beginning to question their own sanity or simply leave the job disillusioned.

    1. @ Robert
      There are several difficulties for those of us opposed to the sexualisation of children and the introduction of LGBTQ ideologies into primary schools. We don’t know how to make our voices heard (letters, petitions to MSPs are proving ineffective). We don’t know how to express our opposition in effective ways (lone voices are ineffective). There is a very real problem with mobilising the masses to move with ‘one voice’. I am convinced that the majority of people have common sense and have not wanted many of the changes that have been taking place in Scotland’s laws and schools over the past 20 years. But the lobbyists have brass necks and convince the Scottish Executive that they represent the majority. Bullying and intimidation abound. Many people are afraid and those who are not afraid are not heard. We need to do something before it is too late! We are talking mobilising the people to the degree of a moral revolution! I guess praying for such a thing is a start.

  3. “And a primary cause of broken homes is the selfish, self-absorbed, anti-family teaching of Queer theory.”

    Prove it.

    I’ve read enough history to know that broken homes have existed long before queer theory.

      1. Regarding Frederick’s comment and your own reply above David (also your debate with Peter Tatchell) : I don’t like the argument used by the ‘progressive’ lobbyists where they compare 2 evils and then opt for the so called ‘lesser evil’ as therefore or ‘better than’ or ‘good’ even.
        I come from the very unstable environment of a broken home where I witnessed the daily physical, mental, emotional and verbal abuse of my mother who was neither financially provided for nor supported in any way. The children experienced every kind of child abuse and neglect and yet we survived. The worst aspect of the situation was watching our mother get treatment even worse than you would treat a dog or a donkey. My mother was a good mother and did the best she could with sparse resources. When I was 15 my mother sought help from a psychiatrist who then involved social services. This made things worse because the whole team divided the family, they don’t unite. I was hurt and undermined by the social worker and his pathetic understanding of the situation. Social workers have no powers to transform people or people’s lives. They have no way of leading people into repentance and forgiveness and reconciliation. It is only God who can transform the broken family. By God’s grace I survived, even thrived and to my surprise, am described by some people as a ‘walking miracle’. That seems funny to me because I haven’t seen the transformation probably because it has taken place over many years. I don’t wish to undermine or criticise social workers unfairly, I’m sure there are some good ones but for me ‘social worker’ and ‘psychiatrist’ became ‘bad words’. Parents need support not ‘surveillance’ like is offered under the Named Person Scheme. Mothers especially need support not criticism and undermining. Most parents love their children, they just struggle to manage their lives because of various stresses and baggage and adverse circumstances. My family life was not a blueprint for the nuclear family, but I do not for one moment wish I had 2 mothers like my mother or 2 good fathers. I will stand by this statement, that their heterosexual marriage was at least one thing they got right!

      2. I experience the exact opposite each week. So my experience and your experience cancel out. Such are the perils of offering sound bites and experience over actual evidence.

  4. Who is the ‘free flea’? Is this a rival of yours David? A flea can never truly be ‘free’! It must stay on the dog’s back to ensure a continuous source of nutrition. A cat flea, is more likely to leave its host and thereby have the appearance of being ‘free’ for a time, but it must find another source of nutrition or die. I would stay on the dog’s back David; freedom for a flea is overrated.

  5. If a school is properly inclusive of its “weird” kids, why unisex toilets? If queer theory says sex and gender are nothing to do with one another, why should anyone feel upset about going to a room defined by biology – for the purposes of privacy and security – if their personal expression isn’t considered weird and is included?

    I don’t know how the facilities are arranged, but any erosion of females’ rights to single-sex provision is not to be stood for (and the same for males). Anyone wanting to put pressure on the government re this, see petition here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/214118

    Out of interest, I didn’t see too many kids there from probable Muslim households. Is the school just in an area of no particular ethnic diversity, or was this timed just so they could “be on holiday for Eid”?

  6. @ madblog and @ John
    madblog. Mine was the crude response to John’s question! Yours was indeed a much more tasteful, perceptive and positive response!
    John, my point was that if people were not promiscuous then we wouldn’t have all those diseases, or at least not the high incidence we have. If 2 people got married and had no previous sexual experiences, not even with each other, then they wouldn’t be at risk of any disease. If their sexual behaviour within marriage did not involve degradation or humiliation, or physically risky practices then there would be no risk of consequences in these areas either. I don’t believe ‘anything goes’ in the marriage bed either! I really don’t!
    They would also have a better of chance of avoiding the shame, guilt and sexual dysfunction in their marriage. Those who indulge in unholy sex have problems with ‘holy sex’.
    As far as emotional brokenness, sexual dysfunction, guilt and addiction goes; I can see that these things could occur even in a Christian marriage and it is perceptive of you to see that. Religion can cause guilt and sexual dysfunction. Selfishness can cause problems. Sexual anorexia is not better than sexual gluttony. I was outlining all the negatives I could think of, off the top of my head as potential consequences of what you called “consenting adults having sex which isn’t about love”. In the space available, I am not attempting to write a comprehensive essay on sex and sexuality from a Christian perspective. I still appreciate though, your ‘reasonable’ tone. It is also important to say that as Christians we believe that every area of man’s life and experience is affected negatively by ‘the fall’. That includes sex and sexuality. Sex and sexuality is tainted even for the Christian, by the fall. Everyone, including Christians has sinned sexually in some form. But there are degrees of degradation. Only God can truly judge the scale of sexual sin. But as Christians, the Bible gives us a ‘standard’. Standards are essential. Otherwise we are at risk of disintegrating into terrible degrading sexual behaviours. I think we have seen a lot of such behaviour, especially in recent years. The bible says that “as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be when Christ returns.
    If you are truly interested in the subject from a Christian perspective, John, can I point you towards 2 excellent books by a Christian ‘expert’.

    Books by Dr. Harry Schaumburg

    Undefiled: Redemption From Sexual Sin, Restoration for Broken Relationships

    False Intimacy: Understanding the Struggle of Sexual Addiction

    Genuinely praying for your redemption and restoration John.

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