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In Defence of the Catholic Church

SH masthead button diagonal.jpg.thumbThe Sunday Herald carried a ridiculous article attacking the Catholic church a couple of weeks ago – I wrote this letter in response which was published in last Sundays edition.


Dear Editor,

Perhaps you would allow me, as a Free Church minister, to speak in defence of the Catholic church – after the bizarre hatchet job done on it by the Sunday Herald. The Catholic church like the majority of the Scottish population do not think that it is right to criminalise parents who may smack their children. We are told – “This proposed Bill will give children the same legal protections as adults” – except it won’t. Children are not treated like adults – they are the responsibility of their parents to bring up – not the State. Children can be made to eat their food, go to bed, and go to school. Adults make those choices for themselves – although given the way the Nanny State is developing perhaps we are both treating children as adults, and infantilising adults. The kind of simplistic journalism and politics represented in the article was a crude attempt to demonise the Catholic church and virtue signal by the liberal metro-elites. It is more than ironic that those who are attacking the Catholic Church because they say the want to protect children are often the same people who advocate killing the child in the womb. The hypocrisy and illogicality is breathtaking. Maybe the Catholic Church is against the criminalising of parents for the loving discipline of their children, because it actually does care for the children?

Yours etc


David Robertson
St Peters Free Church
4 St Peter St


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