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God’s Word for Church and Community – St Peters Services 25th Feb with Robin Sydserff, Andy Robertson – 1 Thessalonians 5 and Psalm 82

downloadLast Sunday was a special day for us.   In both the morning and evening there was a real sense of the Lord’s presence.  I thought Robin’s sermon in the morning was a stunningly appropriate one for St Peters (and I suspect for many other congregations), and our evening communion – looking at Psalm 82 – helped a number of people.  Our God is a God who cares for his people and for the poor.    The praise was wonderful (the penny whistle gave a real boost)…if you listen to the whole service you can get a real sense of the congregation and of what the Lord is doing in our midst – Robins analysis of us was perceptive, interesting and encouraging – loved Andrews two Charleston reports…

Morning service :

Songs – Give thanks to the Lord (forever you are faithful) ; Indescribable ;  Ps 23 (Townend); Psalm 87;  When I Survey

Readings:  Philippians 4:1-23 and Psalm 87

Sermon:  1 Thessalonians 5:12-28 – Right Relationships

Evening service : (Communion )

Songs: 10,000 Reasons; Crown Him with Many Crowns;  Ps 82:8-16; Here is Love;  Ps 24:-10

Reading:  2 Kings 7


Missions Report:  Andy Robertson – Charleston

Sermon: Psalm 82 – The President God of the Poor

“We are here briefly taught that a just and well-regulated government will be distinguished for maintaining the rights of the poor and afflicted.” Calvin

You can subscribe to the podcast of either the whole worship service or the sermon only on the St Peters website .

Romans 6 – True Freedom – Praise and Preaching from St Peters



  1. Hi David,
    With our own church cancelled today due to weather, I thank Lord for this post. Spirit inspired.

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