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Portrush, Romans 5, Ephesians 3 – The Advance of the Gospel and the Church

I am currently in Portrush Northern Ireland to speak at a unique occasion – eight churches have got together and are cancelling their individual services and all meeting together this morning in the University of Coleraine.  It’s encouraging that they are willing to do this (Presbyterians taking risks is unusual!) although it’s kind of a shame that its just the Presbyterians!   The weather is atrocious – There is a howling gail and the rain/sleet is beating against the window as I write.  I drove from Belfast in snow, sleet and driving rain (rain in Northern Ireland!  – Who would have thought?! – but we are not here for the weather – the best thing about NI is the people!)……

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Last Sunday we had another good Lord’s Day in St Peters.   I think the morning service was the largest attendance we have ever seen at a normal service.   I found it incredibly helpful during the week as I wrestled with Romans 5:12-21 – I hope that some of this was communicated to the people.  There is a real depth and Gospel optimism in this passage.

The Songs were –

Be Thou My Vision

Psalm 51:1-12

How Can It Be (New Scottish)

Psalm 84

Man of Sorrows

In the evening Andrew continued our studies in Ephesians – again it was a really helpful and encouraging word from God. (Ephesians 3:14-21)


O For A Thousand Tongues

Just As I Am

Psalm 2:1-7

Saviour of the World

Psalm 81 (What God requires and gives in worship), Ephesians 3 and Praise, Prayer, reading and preaching from St Peters

If you wish to the sermons only you can get them at the St Peters website

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