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Psalm 81 (What God requires and gives in worship), Ephesians 3 and Praise, Prayer, reading and preaching from St Peters

Last Sunday we had a phenomenal Lord’s Day – it was a time of celebration, joy and hearing from the Lord.  I thought the sung praise was especially powerful.  We now make the whole service (apart from the pastoral and mission prayers) available online.  220px-Tin_WhistlesYou can subscribe to the podcast (or we also have one that is just the sermon) or listen to it on the St Peters website   This week I have greatly benefited from listening to and joining in the praise again.  I hope you find it as beneficial as me.  For the first time I can remember we had a penny whistle helping us with our praise (thanks to Marcin!)…We also sang a beautiful hymn (Christ is Mine Forevermore) which was new for many people – but the words have stuck in my head and heart all week!

Now at the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem they sought out the Levites from all their places, to bring them to Jerusalem so that they might celebrate the dedication with gladness, with hymns of thanksgiving and with songs to the accompaniment of cymbals, harps and lyres. (Nehemiah 12:27)


Morning Service 

In the morning we had communion and heard God’s word from Psalm 81.  We welcomed three new members and had a tremendously encouraging time.  If you want to hear how the Greek names in the New Testament should be pronounced then listen to the reading from Maria (its wonderful having real Greeks in our fellowship)!

This quote is from the sermon:

““They were not to stand deaf and dumb at the tabernacle; for the service of God does not consist in indolence, nor in cold and empty ceremonies; but they were, by such exercises as are here prescribed, to cherish among themselves the unity of faith; to make an open profession of their piety; to stir up themselves to continual progress therein; to endeavor to join, with one accord, in praising God; and, in short, to continue steadfast in the sacred covenant by which God had adopted them to himself.” Calvin

Evening Service 

Craig Anderson preached on Ephesians 3:1-13 – again it is well worth listening to.

I am very thankful for the freedom we have both in body and spirit to worship the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…I read this from John Newton this morning – which I think sums it up well:

“May we be duly thankful to God, and to the government under which we live, for the valuable privilege of religious liberty, and that we can worship him according to the light of our consciences, and assemble together in his name where and when we please, none being permitted to make us afraid”  (Newton – vol 4 .596)

Praise, Reading, Prayer and Preaching (Romans and Gospel of John) from St Peters – 21st January


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