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  1. Postmodernism and cultural Marxism:
    Professor Jordan Peterson

    “Do not send your childrren to public schools and if you are going to send them to public schools you had better keep an eye on what they are being taught.” (Canada: public school is state schooling.)


  2. Yet another amazing video explaining why ‘Globalism fails and Nationalism is relatable.’

    Jordan B Peterson (born June 12, 1962) is a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. This is part of his Biblical Series VIII: The Phenomenology of the Divine and he is talking about globalism and why large systems fail. Full video quoted under fair use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoQdp

  3. Hello Pastor

    Sorry to bother you about a really old Quantum from ages ago but your comments on the Winston Churchill film left me with more questions than answers at the time that have continued to bother me…

    You state in the podcast that you “believe God took that man at that time and made him stand firm”, etc and that there is “something in Britain worth preserving”.


    1. I know God is sovereign and appoints all leaders. However, as well as raising up Churchill, this means He also appointed Hitler to power. Indeed, when we read Hitler’s life, his rise seems particularly providential as he goes from homeless failure and apparent crank to leader, survived WW1, the Beer Hall Putsch, vatious assassination attempts, etc and just happened to be there during the economic circumstances of the Weimar years.

    How can we understand God’s providence in raising Hitler up and allowing the Jews and others, including the faithful remnant of the Lutheran Church, to be so persecuted?

    2. If Britain had a manifest destiny, surely so did the USSR which played the major role in defeatinv Hitler yet it, too, now has fallen?

    3. Tangentially related question about prayer that bothers me – we are called to pray for our leaders, if we pray for good things in Christ’s name they will be given to us and if two or more are gathered in prayer in Christ’s name he is there for them, etc. Surely amongst all the faithful in Germany (particularly amongst Bonhoeffer’s group, the Confessing Church) some would have been gathering quietly to pray for Hitler’s conversion, particularly has his policies became more apparent after Kristallnacbt, the Aktion T14 euthanasia program was exposed, etc. Yet these hypothetical prayers were seemingly never answered and, as a result, we had the War, the Holocaust and as far as we can tell the loss of Hitler’s own soul at his suicide. Why would such prayers go unanswered when the opposite result would have been the avoidance of so much suffering and the salvation of Adolf himself, surely a much better result, at least from our limited human point of view?

    I would really appreciate your thought s on these matters that trouble me when you have a few spare moments.

    Thanks and God be with you.

    1. Thanks Jean – that is an old one!

      1) God did not raise HItler up. He did not stop him either. But we should not regard God like a divine chess player moving all the bits on the board.

      2. All nations are destined to rise and fall.

      3. You are right – it is from our human point of view. The trouble is that this reasoning would mean that nothing bad would or could ever happen because God would always prevent it. And the whole human race would be wiped out…or turned into robots…


      1. Thanks, Pastor. I will reflect on your answers. I really appreciate it. 🙂

        I just glanced at your Twitter account (through the web as I am not on Twitter myself) and I saw you were down in Adelaide today for a conference. There is a really large Lutheran population in Adelaide and the nearby Barossa Valley – the town of Hahndorf was the first German settlement in Australia. There is also a sizeable Lutheran presence in Brisbane.

        As you work in Australia, it might be a good idea to reach out to the Lutheran community. The Lutheran Church of Australia remains Biblical and theologically conservative, unlike some of the Lutherans in Scandinavia and Germany. You probably have a lot in common with them and may find them good mission partners.

        God bless.

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