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Secularists Attack the Church of England – Letters in The Courier

The NSS have been at it again – writing letters to moan about some aspect of Christian privilege….this time lambasting the BBC for daring to broadcast from Lambeth House and once again using the issue of alleged child abuse in order to pursue their real passion – attacking Christianity.   The following is their letter and my reply which was published yesterday.

Sir, – Jenny Hjul (“We must all watch the BBC”, The Courier, January 10) is right to tell us to watch the BBC, but the corporation seems to have recently changed its name to Believers Broadcasting Christianity.

In December the BBC broadcast an entire Radio 4 Today programme from Lambeth Palace, the Church of England headquarters.

It gave an hour of unchallenged airtime to the Archbishop of Canterbury and others to proselytise, over and above the usual Thought for the Day slot it reserves for the religious guardians of our morality.

Your readers may have noticed that the Church of England is currently the subject of an ongoing Government-sponsored public inquiry into the cover-up of child abuse by its clergy, and indeed by some of Justin Welby’s fellow bishops.

No fewer than five current or former bishops, including the current Archbishop of Canterbury and two of his predecessors, are either directly implicated in a cover-up of child sex abuse, are under active police investigation for this grave offence, or have been exposed as having done so.

Since when did it become the policy of the national ‘state broadcaster’ to give a fellow pillar of the establishment the airtime to redeem its damaged reputation during a public inquiry into its activities?

Has the BBC learned nothing from the Savile scandal?

Alistair McBay, National Secular Society, 5 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh.

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  1. Yesterday(Tuesday 11 45am), when I switched on 5live they were interviewing a former ‘evangelical Christian ‘ who’d been ‘spiritually abused’. He’d confessed to being same sex attracted and the pastors of his church had subjected him to sustained sessions of prayer etc “in order to cure him of his homosexuality ” He said that he was sharing his experiences on radio to help anyone else who’d suffered in a similar way and that he has seen through the nonsense and ” nowadays the church has moved on and is accepting/ more tolerant ” So yet again I switch on the radio to hear what’s going on and I hear another effective misrepresentation of the Christians position on sexual morality. I despair ! Your response to the secular fundamentalist has fair cheered me. I had no idea there was a Sausage Appreciation Society. I’d be interested in joining but I only eat Quorn sausages so I’m wondering if that’ll go against me.

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