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LED 18 – Brexit; Graham Norton; Tim Farron; The Men who live as Dogs; Paedophilia; Education; YouTube Censorship; Kevin McKenna


  • Brexit –

    There is of course a whole lot of things happening with Brexit just now. I am in the middle of writing a Dummies Guide to Brexit but for now I just note that, as I expected, the UK will cave into the EU on everything and we will leave the EU in name but probably not in reality.   That’s because the EU Commission has the enormous advantage of not having to answer to an electorate and because the UK government does and knows that about half that electorate are opposed and that numerous politicians, media, civil servants and academics are doing their utmost to try and undermine and prevent Brexit.

I am reading a tremendous book just now entitled The Great Deception by Booker and North. A full review will follow – but I was taken by these two quotes that seem very apposite to our current situation:

“Some for example, the Dutch prime minister, Mr. Andries Van Agt, were reasonable, but most were not. I had the strong feeling that they had decided to test whether I was able and willing to stand up to them. It was quite shameless: they were determined to keep as much of our money as they could” (Margaret Thatcher)

“But Thatcher was finding that ‘give and take’, in European terms, meant, ‘you give, we take’”

Two thoughts. Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose (the more things change the more they are the same!).   And Mrs May is no Mrs Thatcher!

There is a great deal of propaganda, fear mongering and ‘fake news’ as regards Brexit. One ‘fact’ I am constantly cited is that the NHS is collapsing because EU staff are leaving. It turns out that that is not true as this article points out. 


Finally on this one man always worth listening to is Yanis Varoufakis – he should be negotiating for Britain – he understands the duplicity and authoritarianism of the EU….this is a fascinating interview –


  • Graham Norton –

 Graham Norton is an excellent presenter; witty, intelligent and engaging. He somehow manages to get the biggest stars as guests.   Last weekend was no exception – he had Robbie Williams, Elton John, Stephen Fry and Pink. What struck me about the whole show was just how all the cultural elites know each other and share all the same values – and also how empty and vacuous their lives sound. It may have just been me but I found the whole show a depressing reflection of the values and emptiness of contemporary Western culture.


  • Tim Farron –

Had an excellent speech to Theos….if only he had spoken like this when he was leader of the Liberal party! It really was outstanding…here is one example of his analysis –

Five minutes in the high street, now in the run up to Christmas, will show you a society hooked on materialism, five minutes eavesdropping in the cafes or glancing at peoples Facebook updates will show you a society hooked on individual achievement, on the achievement of your children, a society hooked on self–worth and pride.  

Christianity tells you that everything and everyone you have in your life is a temporary gift from God and that we should worship the giver, not the things that have been given.   


  • Paedophilia –

For some reason in the late 1970’s when our culture was rapidly heading down the road towards making paedophilia acceptable, it suddenly became the great sin. I have suggested for a few years that after SSM, it would be Transgender and then the removal of gender altogether (this is all classic Queer Theory) and that this would then be followed by polyamory, polygamy, incest and then paedophilia. People think the latter especially is unlikely. I don’t agree. The way it will happen is for paedophilia first of all to be defined as an illness and a sexuality. Then in popular culture we will gradually get ‘Lolita’ stories seeking to make a sympathetic ‘non-judgemental’ case. By then there will be so many people who through the internet, and the sexual philosophy that you should do whatever you want, are prepared and ready to accept a mild form.  This Telegraph article shows us where we are going.

“But perhaps the most controversial presentation of all was by Philip Tromovitch, a professor at Doshisha University in Japan, who stated in a presentation on the “prevalence of paedophilia” that the “majority of men are probably paedophiles and hebephiles” and that “paedophilic interest is normal and natural in human males”.


  • The Men Who Live as Dogs –

If we can identify as whatever we want – why can’t we identify as animals? It is the inevitable logic. Woman and dogs

 “It feels like you can be gay, straight, bisexual, trans and be accepted,” he says. “All I want is for the pup community to be accepted in the same way. We’re not trying to cause grief to the public, or cause grief to relationships. We’re just the same as any other person on the high street.”

The Men who Live as Dogs – The Guardian 

  • Education –

There is more and more evidence that schools in particular are being used more for social and political engineering, rather than education. Peter Hitchens tells the horrific story of 11 year old children being met as school with a questionnaire about their attitudes towards immigration – They are asked to agree or disagree with such statements as ‘I like to be around people from other countries’ and ‘meeting students from other countries is interesting’. They are also invited to say how much they agree or disagree with the statement ‘immigration is bad for the country’.

They are asked if they have close friends from different countries, and how they would speak to a person whose first language isn’t English. And they are asked if immigrants should have the same rights as everyone else, whether they should be encouraged to speak the language of this country or encouraged to continue in their own traditions.

Here is another example of this social engineering in the US. 


  • You Tube Censorship –

We think that Google, Facebook and Twitter are open to all without censorship and that in general it is a good thing. But then it is a bad thing because it allows all kinds of abuse, racism, extremists etc. So what should happen? Google who own YouTube have just announced they are going to employ 10,000 people to act as censors against ‘extremist’ material. Does that sound good? Take a look at this.

Leave aside whether you agree with the material posted or not, or whether you like or know the group that posted it, or even whether what was posted was true. Should material that we don’t like be banned? Herein lies the problem – every time I try to espouse Christian values on secular media there are a flurry of complaints complaining that I am an extremist and should be banned. We should not just be worried about the State imposing censorship but also the monopolistic media corporations who in general tend to be authoritarian ‘liberals’ and who would take delight in using their power to ban every view which does not fit their ‘values’.

Article of the week –

Kevin McKenna is in great form this week. The whole of this article is worth reading it.

“In modern and progressive Scotland, very few months are allowed to pass before something beastly and disreputable catches the eye of the political elite and thus must quickly be eradicated. With each new piece of hastily drafted legislation, the cultural arbiters who make up this social junta convince themselves that they have made this country just a little bit more enlightened.”

Finally the Transmania in society continues and also in the church. I wrote an article for Christian Today who then published a response by a Trans ‘Christian’. I found it horrible to be attacked in such a way. I wrote a response that I did not expect CT to publish, but to their credit, they did and it (like the earlier one) has become one of their most read articles. You can get both here.  What Should the Church do About Transgender? A response to a response..

See you next week.

LED 17 – How the Media Distorts the Truth; Transmania; Religious Freedom; Canadian Free Speech; Ban Beauty and the Beast; The EU and Dundee City of Culture; Euthansia; Carl Trueman


  1. Just days before the Brexit Referendum I quickly scanned through a digital copy of ‘The Great Deception’. I was so glad I did, as it helped me make up my mind, and would recommend it to anybody who thinks we should stay in the EU. That said, I’m beginning to wonder whether we’re already in too deep to be able to get out at all.

  2. Not sure what the problem is in a Catholic school helping their pupils to become ‘social justice-oriented’. If a Catholic school can’t promote the agenda of the Sermon on the Mount I’m not sure what would be the point of a Catholic school. I’m not into it myself as it comes across as being very left-wing and socialist (maybe just my perception) but Justice and Peace is very big in Catholic circles. Many parishes have Justice and Peace Groups.
    Personally I think that organisations like the St Vincent de Paul Society do far more valuable work but that’s just my opinion.

  3. Ok. I will bite – why is this in any way horrific?

    “They are asked to agree or disagree with such statements as ‘I like to be around people from other countries’ and ‘meeting students from other countries is interesting’. They are also invited to say how much they agree or disagree with the statement ‘immigration is bad for the country’. They are asked if they have close friends from different countries, and how they would speak to a person whose first language isn’t English. And they are asked if immigrants should have the same rights as everyone else, whether they should be encouraged to speak the language of this country or encouraged to continue in their own traditions.”

    1. Thanks Douglas – Your question is really reasonable. The key thing here is that this is a survey given to 11 year olds – not for the purpose of teaching but for the purpose of assessing their social attitudes. What will be done with it? What if they give the wrong answers? Will this be kept on record against them? Do 11 year olds have enough knowledge to answer the less than nuanced question – ‘is immigration good for the country?’. The doctrine is ‘yes of course immigration is good’. But how much? Who? etc. In other words this survey is a crude attempt at social engineering and indoctrination. In my view ultimately it will do even more harm than good and is likely to drive people into more extremist groups because in order to rebel (as young people do) that is what they will be told is the option! I object strongly to adults imposing their political and cultural views upon children as if they were the self-evident truth. Its typical of contemporary education which has adopted the view that children are to be taught what to think, not how to think. As a result there is little thinking.

  4. David, I am also wading through The Great Deception (it’s quite a tome) – a true eye opener. From the origins, to the foundations the EU is built on, it shines a light on just what we are dealing with. The scale of deception foisted upon the British people is truly breathtaking. Looking forward to your review – many more people should be reading this book and informing themselves properly.

  5. David,
    How do you know that it’s code? How do you know that it’s nothing to do with the sermon on the mount. It just says ‘social justice’. I’m prepared to take that at face value without any evidence to the contrary. But if you have some evidence to the contrary then I’m prepared to change my view.
    As to the appropriateness of asking 11-year olds whether immigration is good for the country even candidates sitting Higher Modern Studies would find that challenging unless they just wanted to repeat the tired mantras of a certain section of academia or just repeat what’s on the BBC Bitesize webpage. My take on the survey is that it is designed to get children to share the same opinions as the people asking the questions. The responses we are expected to give are obvious and 11-year olds have minds which are likely to want to agree with whatever is expected of them.
    Here’s the BBC’s take on the topic of immigration to the USA for Modern Studies candidates:
    Of course the issue is not really about “immigration”; it’s about the level of immigration. It’s about the quality of the immigrants (education, skills, etc) None of the questions in the survey asked anything about the level of immigration or the quality of immigrants. Too sophisticated for 11-year olds, of course. But that’s the point. For the questions to be of any worth they need to be sophisticated.
    How about a survey asking 11-year olds questions such as:
    Should people who believe that marriage is a union of a man and a woman have the same rights as everybody else?
    Do you agree that marriage is good for the country?
    Do you like being in the company of people who have different opinions than you do?
    Taking up David’s suspicion, any pupil giving Yes answers to those question might certainly be targeted for ‘re-education’.

    1. I wonder just how interested an 11 year old is in any survey at all? I don’t know what all the panic is about – just exactly how many of the opinions you had at 11 do you still think you would hold now?

  6. In America parents are now responding vigorously to the jmplementation of sexual indoctrination as normal practice within their schools.

    This video is essential viewing to all of those concerned about this totalitarian and deeply disturbing govenment sponsored policy.

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