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Vegas Shooting, Tube Bible Chaos and Transgender Eggs | Quantum 113 podcast

1) Las Vegas Shooting.
2) Bible reading causes train panic.
3) Transgender eggs.
4) Runrig Farewell Concert.
5) The Great African Wall – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xls7K_xFBQ


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  1. Be very careful. The Times today reported that the police had asked Private Eye for a list of its subscribers and when refused sought Court Order. It was refused there as well. Evidently it was over a published joke about Islamic terrorism. The joke had been cut out and sent to a Force, female, civilian employee and was being investigate as a possible racist offence, hate crime. It wasn’t in Scotland.

  2. To be sure, this does not in any way imply you had any involvement, only that you are a Private Eye reader.

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