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John 8 – The Light of the World, Psalm 121, O For a Closer Walk with God…

Last Sunday I was not able to go to St Peters.  I was thankful to be at home after surgery but I missed my spiritual home!  Thats why the internet is such a gift – I have been able to listen to the sermon and also to share in some of the praise.  Not the same as being there – but a good taste anyway!  I have added the sermon below.

One advantage of singing the psalms is that you learn vast chunks of scripture by heart.  As I was going into the operating theatre – these words from the 1650 version of Psalm 121 came to mind:

“The Lord shall keep thy soul; he shall

preserve thee from all ill.

Henceforth thy going out and in

God keep for ever will”



This is Sinclair’s sermon  on John 8:12-38 – “Later in the Day”

As we head to worship today this song is a beautiful prayer – O for a Closer Walk with God –




  1. Well, well. Almost a charismatic Presbyterian -God speaking on the way to the operating theatre, with words of promise, commitment and comfort. God is good, is present, omniscient. Almighty Father. He is there and He is not silent.

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