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LED 6 – Back to Uni – Demolishing Statues – Natural Disasters – Robert E Lee – The Duke of Sutherland – Houston – Poland – Trudeau and Abortion – Australia and SSM – Macron – Tower Hamlets Adoption Madness…

Light Engaging Darkness – 6

Sometimes I am writing this I feel as though I am writing a comic satire.  It must be so hard for satirists in the modern Western world because the ‘reality’ is so surreal that it is beyond satire.  Anyway here are a few gems from this past week.

1) Back to Uni –

It’s the time of year when students head off to university – to have their minds stretched, their ideas challenged and to learn new things.  No – sorry – that is so 19th Century.  Now students head to Uni to have their minds closed, their ideas protected and their debt increased.   The shutting down of the student mind is continuing apace, as the Liberals in the UK follow their nutty counterparts in the USA.  Brendan O’Neill in this article in the Spectator – sums it up superbly.

If our censorious students are going to import America’s campus insanity, they need to know that means they will also import its consequences. And those consequences are dire. No one can imagine that it’s a good thing to create a generation unable to stomach things it dislikes or disagrees with. How are they to survive in a pluralistic democracy? It’s vital to be able to hear people out, to have civilised disagreement, to engage in debate, to change your mind.

The ‘safe space’, by guarding students from the disagreeable, is churning out an army of hypersensitive dogmatists. We can see this in the US with the current outburst of statue-smashing. And we can see it in Europe with the alarming revelation that fewer and fewer young people believe in freedom of speech and democracy.


2) Robert E Lee-  

Lets talk about removing statues.  In the Ukraine over 2000 statues of Lenin are being removed.  In the UK our loony left are falling into line with this latest virtue signalling fashion – according to this article in the Guardian Nelson’s column must go – Never one to miss a trick, the Scottish Green leader Patrick Harvie wants statutes pulled down as well    I wonder if anything will be left standing!

In America the liberal left are going hysterical about monuments to Confederate generals – especially Robert E Lee. The irony is that they know nothing about Lee – they are just virtue signalling. Lee himself was opposed to the breakup of the Union and was also apparently opposed to slavery.  In 1856 he wrote to his wife – “in this enlightened age, there are few I believe, but what will acknowledge, that slavery as an institution, is a moral and political evil in any country.” He set up an illegal school for slaves at Arlington and all the slaves they were freed in 1862. Lee has become the latest victim of “identity politics”. The irony is that he did not think statues of himself should be erected and he hoped that the wounds of the civil war would be healed.  “I think it wiser not to keep open the source of war, but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavoured to obliterated the marks of civil strife,  to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered.”

But if the fashion of the day is statue destroying – can I suggest others?

Statues of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce should be destroyed.  After all they were slaveholders – at least in the sense that serfs were slaves. One of the reasons that Wallace went to war was to maintain the right of the Scottish nobles to have their own downloadserfs.   Will the Scottish government start pulling down statues soon?! And what about the statue of the Duke of Sutherland above Golspie – the ‘Mannie’ responsible for some of the most savage clearances in the Highlands.  Every time I sit in my parents home at Portmahomack and stare across the water to the Sutherland hills, I see that monstrosity of a statue on top of Ben Braggie and I am offended.    I had an elder in Brora who at one point, before he became a Christian had seriously considered blowing it up – even as a Christian he was tempted!

Meanwhile can anyone tell me the substantive difference between ISIS and the Taleban

Buddhist statutes removed by the Taleban

pulling down monuments to ideologies they don’t like and Antifa doing the same thing in the US?  It strikes me that once you start removing a nation’s history you end up being as bad as the people you are trying to replace.


3) Natural Disasters

There has been a tremendous fuss about the flooding in Houston. It has been the number one item on British news for the past couple of days. And of course it is a significant event. But is it any more significant than the storms which swept Poland or the drought and flash flooding in Ethiopia? In Poland the storms which struck the north and west of download-1the country have resulted in at least six deaths and more than a hundred and 11,000 acres of forest being destroyed, as well as thousands of homes being damaged. Did we hear about this? Or even far more importance is the severe drought and flash flooding that have killed livestock and devastated crops in Ethiopia – with 7.8 million people needing emergency food aid. In the eastern Somali region 2 million animals have died and 700,000 people are now on the brink of starvation – and yet again there is very little concern or reporting about this.

4) Abortion –

On the issue of reproductive rights, I shared our perspective that reproductive rights for women are integral to women’s rights in general and women’s rights are human rights and I encouraged him to look at it as a question of fundamental rights for women and we had a good discussion on that.”

  Yes – you got it –   every liberals favourite dishy politician, Justin Trudeau, is at it again.  Seeking in his nice imperialistic way to impose his liberal values on the rest of the world – this time in Ireland.

Canada has an abortion policy which allows abortion on demand up to full term at any point. It is crass and callous murder of the weakest members of society. The fact that those who defend it call themselves liberal, progressive and compassionate does not make them so. The Nazis and the Communists all said that they were fighting for freedom – that did not make them freedom fighters. Our society is not only becoming more dumbed down but it is becoming more illiberal and less compassionate.

Take this horrendous tweet that I received from somebody who then went on to accuse me of a lack of empathy.  These are the reasons he gave for abortion:

Abortions help reduce crime rates when offered in areas of poverty. Aborting unwanted or unplanned pregnancies reduces carbon footprint.”

This is the way to reduce crime! This is the way to stop global warming! Kill the babies of the poor in the womb! This is the kind of eugenics that is making a comeback, decades after Hitler gave it a bad name.

The incredible thing is how people who claim to scientific and evidence based in their beliefs, throw all that away when it comes to their ideology as regards abortion.  Trudeau speaks on behalf of millions of liberal fascists when he talks about this being about human rights because it is about human rights.  Yet he ignores the elephant in the room that there are other human beings involved here – the girls and boys (

download-1and for Mr Trudeau Generation X – as his government has just permitted there to be a ‘third’ gender on Canadian passports) in the womb.  Or is he and his fellow liberals really saying that this child is not a human and has no human rights?  Remember in Canada it is legal to kill this baby.

5) Australian SSM Vote

marcus_22_july_post 2

The Australian SSM vote is bringing up some fascinating scenarios.  For example there is this fascinating article from Katherine Harper in The Sydney Morning Herald which demonstrates the abuse, intimidation and intolerance towards anyone who dares to question the liberal zeitgeist.

Even more chilling is this testimony from Caroline Marcus – an Australian journalist, sympathetic to SSM who dared even to question the tactics of the SSM mob – “I was well-acquainted with Twitter lynch mobs after years of writing columns, but even I was taken aback by the ferocity of the online attacks that ensued. This was more brutal than the times I’d argued the merits of capital punishment, written in support of Israel and taken on bloodthirsty jihadists put together.”

This is how the liberal authoritarians work in our culture. They decide that something is right. They decide that no reasonable person can be against what they have decided. Therefore anyone who is against reserve to be treated with the same contempt as if they were a racist Nazi. They reserve particular vitriol for any of their own tribe who seem to be anything less than 1% behind the faith.  And, whilst complaining about fake news, they lie.

The Australian News Channel – Network Ten – carried a report about a poster ‘ God Hates Fags’ on a Melbourne bus-stop to illustrate the toxic nature of the SSM debate.  The only trouble was they made it up.  It was a an online homophobic image digitally imposed on a bus-stop which went viral because of a tweet by an activist and was even cited by Prime Minister Turnbull.  Network Ten called it ‘a creative error’!  But it is sadly all too typical of how the mainstream media run – they have an agenda and they look for stories and images to fit that agenda.  In these era of social media and smart phones it should not actually be that difficult to get the image you want from some fringe eccentric and then portray it as the norm.  The only surprising thing here is not just that they made it up, but they got caught.

Meanwhile there is some good stuff coming out in this debate, if you can hear it above the mob intimidation, fake news and noise.  Take this excellent article from Professor Margaret Sommerville, Professor of Bioethics at the University of Notre-Dame –

Deciding whether to legalize same-sex marriage involves dealing with a clash between adults’ claims and children’s needs and rights. In such cases, a truly humane ethics requires choosing in favour of the weakest, most in need, most vulnerable persons. Clearly children belong to this category and they need marriage to remain the union of one man and one woman. It’s argued that children in same-sex households also need married parents, but that is not possible if the rights of children, in general, with respect to their parents and family structure are to be upheld.”

6) Macron’s Hubris  


French President Emmanuel Macron is in trouble with a lower approval rating that any of his immediate successors.   In July he compared himself to the Roman god Jupiter, refuses to do interviews, and tried to create an official position for his wife Brigitte.  I note the silence from those who were bombarding me with tweets commenting on how wonderful the EU was and how Macron was a great example of this.  Indeed he is!

7) Secular Insanity Continues –

in Tower Hamlets the Times reports that a five-year old white girl from a Christian background has been fostered by a Muslim couple, where she has been encouraged to learn Alan Arabic, her necklace with a Christian cross has been removed and after six months with her new family she is reportedly told her birth mother that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and that “European women are stupid and alcoholic”. 

I think of the couple who in an area where there was a desperate need for people to adopt, offered to adopt children from the most desperate of circumstances – and when they were visited by the local social work department for assessment the first question they were asked was what they thought about homosexuality! The first question! This is how their suitability is to be judged? The thought crosses my mind – were the Muslim couple in Tower Hamlets asked the same question?

All the above illustrates the inconsistency, illogicality and intolerance of our secularist society.  They have replaced God with themselves and it ain’t working out so well….We pray for a return to sanity – and plead with the Lord not to leave us to our own devices!

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  1. I would do a longer response but the last one didnt make it through moderation.

    1. Racist Statues – as you well know, most of the statues to celebrate the Confederate soldiers and leaders were erected not commemorate but to intimidate. The post war years didnt have that many statues built. The Jim Crow years saw them start. The peak lynching years, rise of the KKK etc saw a real rise. There was then a decline until the 1960s when black civil rights were being established. Guess what – more confederate statutes.

    These are not Civil War monuments. They are symbols erected during and for the express purpose intimidating black people.

    “strikes me that once you start removing a nation’s history you end up being as bad as the people you are trying to replace.”

    Mmm. So telling a black person that they have to live with the symbols of their oppression, erected when they were being chased down, beaten and hung from trees is making them as bad as ISIS? You published this one day out from the anniversary if Emmet Till. The statues that are being pulled down are the same statues that fed the mindsets that resulted in his death. And you tell black people they are wrong to be annoyed and want the racist symbology to remain in their lives? Bold.

    2. Tower Hamlets. I think you will find that preciously because Tower Hamlets is not secular we have that situation.

    3. Catholic Professor giving Catholic response. Not what you would call the height of surprising news. She doesn’t publish in serious, mainstream bioethics outlets or serious mainstream international academic publishing houses. On her website there is zero evidence that she has any academic qualifications in biomedical ethics. For years she has been marketing herself as the founding director of some bioethics outfit here or there. I mean, here idea that children need biological ties both parents is also an argument against giving children up for adoption (thus making abortion a more attractive option). Its logically inconsistent.

    1. Douglas McLellan: ‘I think you will find that preciously because Tower Hamlets is not secular we have that situation.
      Yup, that’s the problem—that they’re not all Guardian-reading gender-fluid otherkin secularists in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Nothing to do with only 27.1% of LBTH identifying as Christian while 34.5% are… of a certain… other… faith…

      But worry ye not, ’tis a self-solving problem. Although ONS statistics for England and Wales breezily state that Oliver is the most popular name for boys and ‘has been in the top spot since 2013’ this ‘fact’ fails to take into account that Mohammed has more than one variant spelling, and three alone make the top 100 (Mohammad, Mohammed, Muhammad). Adding those three spelling variants together finds that it is actually the Mohammed variations that have been the top name since 2013 (rising from 29th in 1996, the oldest stats provided on the ONS site). In Scotland, the Mohammed variations rank 14 as of 2016.

      As Mark Steyn has written repeatedly: ‘The future belongs to those who show up for it.’ And it’s clear who’s showing up… and who’s not bothering. So long, and thanks for all the civilisation.

    2. I live with symbols of spiritual oppression all around me. Screaming great constructions of praise to the false gods of commercialism and greed, but I feel no need to physically rip them down. Nor do I find no offence in them, merely sadness, and a greater impetus to get the gospel of Christ out there.

      The eternal destruction that they draw people towards is far greater an issue than being reminded of a painful history now gone, or that mankind is still sinful in so many ways.

    3. The death toll from Communism runs into many millions. There is a statue in Highgate Cemetery dedicated to Karl Marx, the man whose fraudulent and ultimately wicked ideas, inspired those deaths.

      Do you believe it is therefore right and proper, that this statue should remain unmolested, whilst others are removed from their plinths?

  2. Pulling down statues is, of course, nothing new. You can visit hundreds of churches in Europe were statues were removed during the Protestant Reformation. What might be more surprising to readers of this blog is that there was a fashion in the years after the Second Vatican Council for removing statues from Catholic churches. Some misguided people thought (or deliberately misinterpreted) that the Council called for the removal of statues. This was just one of many myths which have been associated with the Council such as the belief that the Council called for the Mass to be said in the vernacular.

  3. Thank you for drawing attention to the fact that since 1988, Canada has had no law against abortion. The unborn child has no person-hood or rights until the umbilical chord is cut.

    This recent article by Albert Mohler really resonated with us . We were very involved in pro-life work and setting up a Pregnancy Centre in the 1980s and sad to say, much of the opposition we endured was from elders and ministers of the Free Church. We were told that it was offensive to speak publically of the practice and we heard many theological arguments about Traducianism and Creationism. It was deemed a woman’s issue that men didn’t want to talk about!

  4. This bleating mantra of “children’s rights” that is forever being pushed by the religious objections to same-sex marriage is a perfect illustration of the “fake news” you wring your hands over David. Oh my goodness – same the children! Save the children! We all know the single most powerful objection that so many of the religious have to the social progress that same-sex marriage represents – it is something their god doesn’t approve of. But of course you can’t try and enter a debate about public policy armed simply with a declaration that your god doesn’t approve of the policy being discussed can you,….that’s where the children come in.

    I wonder where the rights of the children forever being frog-marched in to the religious faith of their parents are? Don’t exist apparently.

  5. I begin to think that moving to somewhere like Nigeria or Ghana might give a true Christian a more pleasant life than we have in the ‘liberal, rich, and enlightened’ west.

  6. It’s a little amusing that you start this blog bemoaning the fact that universities are no longer a place for individuals to have their ” minds stretched, their ideas challenged and to learn new things” – and then fail to publish my comment challenging your same-sex comments in this piece and your use of the familiar “we have to protect the children” catch cry to dress up your religious grounded objection to same-sex marriage.

    Of course this is your blog and as you say you can’t publish all comments (exactly why you can’t is beyond me, it’s not as if you get flooded with comments on here David).

    I usually don’t agree with you when I post but I do it politely.

    1. Actually I do get flooded with comments….and I choose not to let this denigrate into the usual social media brawl. Its quite astonishing how many abusive comments I get from those who support SSM and above all Trans. Trans activists are the most fascistic of all I have met. My objection to SSM is not religious (although your acceptance of it is ideological and thus religious) but factual. Marriage is between male and female. Anything else is not marriage.

  7. 2. If you go to Durham Cathedral you see a number of statues which no longer have heads because of iconoclastic Calvinist Scots, ancestors of the Free Church. Was this destruction of history? “Can anyone tell me the substantive difference between ISIS, the Taleban pulling down monuments to ideologies they don’t like” and 16-17th century Scottish Protestants doing the same thing in Britain?

    5. “Clearly children belong to this category and they need marriage to remain the union of one man and one woman.”
    I’m not sure this has been proven scientifically and if we are in the business of publishing unproven claims I could equally say that children need to grow up in a society where their parents aren’t continually criticised for their inherent nature. I imagine a kid who is constantly told that his parents are evil is probably going to end up worse off than a kid who grows up in a typical family.

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