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LED 3 – Kenya – Kosovo – Neymar – First Case of Child Sex Doll being declared obscene – National Trust Backlash – Chestfeeding not Breastfeeding- Canadian Fascism – An Obituary to be Remembered – An Old Bible Returned – and the Oldest Bible Text discovered!

Light Engaging Darkness 3 –

Thanks for all the feedback for LED 2 – 50 Years Homosexual Celebration- Transgender Madness – Liu Xiaobo – The Guardian and the C of E – The Cult of Trudeau – Alice Cooper – The End of the Car? – Steve Chalke’s Sin.  and LED 1 – Boots and Contraception; Champagne Socialism; Gay Blood; The Gender Agenda; The Extremism Trojan Horse and more…  Its good to know that some people appreciate these musings.

This week has been a fascinating week – with the trends noticed in the previous LEDs continuing.   The madness in our society continues – although there are occasional shafts of light.

An Important Election in Africa

Kenyan Election Pastors
Kenyan Pastors Praying for Peace 

We perhaps don’t pay as much attention to Africa as we should. This week there is an important election in one of that continent’s most important countries – Kenya. 10 years ago over 1200 people were killed in post-election violence, and tensions are running high again. The Kenyan official in charge of the country’s new computerised voting system – which is supposed to deliver a fair and credible result in the election – has been abducted, tortured and murdered.  Kenya’s problems reflect that of many countries in Africa – ethnic divisions and political corruption. Kenya’s MPs are amongst the highest paid in the world and this has resulted in a great deal being at stake for individuals and their families.  Kenya Braced for Violence – the Guardian

Kosovo – Europe’s Militant Muslim Country

In 1999 Kosovo gained independence from Yugoslavia – with the aid of a NATO bombing campaign. And yet now many Kosovors have become militant Islamists.  Why?  Die Welt reported  that the main reason is because of Saudi Arabia. It has poured money into Kosovo, spreading its radical version of Islam by building schools and mosques and importing Salafist clerics.  A largely secular form of Islam has been turned into a highly radicalised one – thanks to the Saudis.

Is Neymar the Most Valuable Christian in the World?


Neymar has just been transferred from Barcelona to Paris St Germain for the astonishing sum of £198 million. He will be paid a salary of over half £1 million per week. It is ironic that if a Christian pastor or tele-evangelist was to be paid even 1/10 of that sum they would be  outrage in the secular press,  but when a footballer is sold for that amount, hardly an eyebrow was raised.    I find it depressing that when people are campaigning about austerity we managed to pay our sporting entertainers such ludicrous salaries although this article in Premier has an interesting take on Neymar’s Christianity.

Man Charged for Having Sex with Child Doll

In the first case of its kind a man has been found guilty of importing a child doll in order to have sex with it –  Child Sex Doll an Obscene Item    this is a grotesque case – what is even more disturbing are the number of  “experts” who think that such dolls should be used, as they may provide an outlet for those whose sexuality is pedophilia.

National Trust Forced to Backtrack over Forcing Staff to Promote LGBTQI


As we pointed out last week our civic organisations and institutions are falling over themselves to try to prove how Stonewall/gay friendly they are.   This week we had the extraordinary story of the National trust trying to compel staff to wear and LGBT badge with those who refuse to do so being threatened with being removed. After a mass revolt they were forced to back down. National Trust Forced to Back Down

But don’t worry – if you lose your job at the National Trust you could always get a new one in the cash strapped NHS – Note this is only the Assistant…(apparently one of four) – there is also a Director.  Who needs doctors or nurses when we can have directors of equality and diversity?!


Breastfeeding Not Permitted – Its ChestFeeding!

Last week I was invited by BBC radio Scotland to appear on the Call Kaye phone in programme to discuss the question of teaching breastfeeding to all children in schools.  You can hear the programme Here   My part was at the 45 minute mark.

When someone critiqued me for speaking about this just because I am not a woman (such sexism!),  I somewhat jokingly remarked that it was okay I could just redefine myself as a woman – at least according to the government!   In response to this I received the following information from a doctor – who understandably in the increasingly fascistic state in which we live – has to remain anonymous.

Incidentally the banning of breastfeeding as a non PC term is apparently not a joke – have a look at this Chest Feeding Apologetic

“David, I hope you are aware that the favoured term is chest feeding. This is to avoid discrimination/hurt feelings against transgender women using artificial breast packs to nurture their babies grown in surrogate wombs…… But now the transgender issue had been creeping through since 2015, the whole situation is getting ludicrous. NHS management have all been inducted through the modern freemasonry of ‘common purpose’ management training (programming). So they are all in a huge twist to accommodate the impossible. It’s awful. And I can’t even ‘like’ some of your posts because all of FB knows and it’s seen as ‘hate’….. I now rarely like or comment on anything because I enjoy being a doctor and the authoritarian control the GMC has taken over the last few years is alarming, if you don’t sing from their hymn sheet. Almost everything you write in your posts resonates powerfully with what is happening everywhere, the insidious checkmate of the new religion”

I also received information about the guidelines from the General Medical Council –  which discourages the use of the term breastfeeding!   Even more alarming was the information I received from one consultant who was told by his boss,  that they were very concerned about consultants and  doctors who did not have Facebook pages, because this could indicate that they had something to hide. The policing of our thoughts is well and truly underway!

Speaking of fascistic states let’s turn to Canada!

Canada Warns Parents – Support LGBTQI Agenda or Risk Losing Your Children

1 June – Canadian bill Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act 2017, allows the State to remove children from parents who don’t agree with the LGBTQI agenda “I would consider it a form of abuse, when a child identifies one way and a caregiver is saying no, you need to do this differently, said Michael Coteau, Minister of Child and Family Services. If its abuse and it’s within the definition, a child can be removed from that environment and placed into protection where the abuse stops.”

The Transgender Agenda Continues Apace

The transgender madness continues. The BBC being the prime propaganda outlet – they are now even proposing to have a reality TV show where a school tries to have gender neutral children! It is little wonder that they have been criticised for manipulating and abusing children in this way.  BBC Criticised for Social Manipulation of Children

But the beast eats itself – this is the most amusing tweet of the week…Brothers and Sisters can no longer be used….


An Obituary to be Remembered

“Drugs were a major love in her life as June had no hobbies, made no contribution to society, and rarely shared a kind word or deed in her life. Please let June Miller’s life be a cautionary tale that addiction and hatred are no es bueno for the living. We speak for the majority of the family when we say her presence will not be missed by many, very few tears will be shed, and there will be no lamenting over her passing. We truly believe, at the end of the day, all of us were really only miss what we never had – a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.”

Obituary for 82-year-old Cornelia June Rogers in the Cherokee Scout newspaper.    It may be unusual to have the truth told at a funeral – at least the whole truth – but it should be a solemn reminder to us that on the day of judgement, nothing will be hidden.

And to finish with – a couple of good news Bible stories.

_97208637_pa 2

Firstly our old friend Alaister Begg was on the BBC twice this week – once bringing the morning service from Keswick and then in this story about 157 year old Bible returned to Scotland

And then this wonderful news that you may have missed –


The oldest part of the Bible ever discovered has been read and they have found that in 2,000 years the text of Leviticus has not changed one iota – the preservation of the Biblical manuscripts is an astonishing story – and this is just a further proof of that. The Oldest Bible Text ever found


“There are, needless to say, lots of other practical reasons why allowing people legally to decide their own gender is a terrible idea: the destructive effect on women’s sport; the constraints it will inevitably place on the freedom of speech of the many others who, quite rightly, think this is an S JW bridge too far; the mind warping effects it is going to have on the impressionable children who no doubt are going to be exposed to this post-modern guff as part of their ‘education’. But the worst thing of all, as far as I can see, is that it capriciously, irresponsibly and unnecessarily rejects one of the most basic truths of nature: that there are men and there are women; that we are identifiably different. For me this is one of those pivotal moments in the decline of Western civilisation. The barbarians are at the gate and here’s Justin Greening pushing the doors open wide: “C’mon in guys, gals – or however you want to define yourselves! The city is all yours. Or is that zirs?” James Delingpole – the Spectator

‘Last year, a website called Pornhub had 23 billion visits. Some of the popular search terms were ‘crying in pain’, ‘sleep assault’ and ‘teen’. It’s possible that people watch this stuff online and remain loving partners and pillars of society, it’s more likely that they don’t. The Internet has changed so much of our culture. We rage. We shriek. We hate. We do this in the name of free speech. We buy things with a click. We swipe for sex. We want instant everything, all the time. When Tim Berners-Lee imagined ‘an open platform that would allow everyone everywhere to share information’, he probably didn’t dream of a Wild West that would do us so much harm” Christina Patterson in the Guardian

“Free love – in my experience the most expensive kind of love there is”. Policeman in Endeavour –  The absolutely superb spin-off series from Morse.







  1. Equalty and Diversity posts in the public sector are nothing new. I recall that about 10 years ago a promise was made by a Cheif executive that if the incumbent failed to deliver the key components, targets of the policies, it would be career limiting. The policies come down from government departments, so in theory, are party policy driven. In reality, as there seems to be little difference, between the parties on this, it is imposed ideology, devoid of democratically- polled sanction.
    Most of the other stuff is like living in a perpetual April 1st in hell, without the Second Coming. Then it will just be hell for those bringing it about today, progressively speeding its arrival with eyes wide shut.

  2. After a considerable amount of time on Google I cannot find anywhere where the GMC discourages the use of the term breastfeeding, do you have a link? As for the link to the ‘chestfeeding apologist’ which you imply as people wanting to ban the word breastfeeding, it actually states “chestfeeding is simply a term. It’s not the way anyone has to refer to nursing, but it is a term that can be used…” Why should people not be able to rename things? Are you not also guilty of ‘fascistic’ thinking by implying that everyone must call it ‘breastfeeding’?

    Additionally, hospitals are not solely staffed by doctors and nurses. Equality and diversity legislation is important and ensuring public bodies, hospitals, businesses conform to that legislation is important as well. For example, a considerable number of pregnant women do not know their legal rights when it comes to employment though pregnancy is a protected characteristic.

    1. Thats what happens when you rely on Google! And your argument is very weak. First of all I received the information from a senior consultant who had, along with his colleagues received instructions to use the term ‘chestfeeding’ because it is more inclusive. You may prefer Google – I prefer the witness of those who are actually involved. Why should people not be able to ‘rename things’? Stop and think about how daft a question that is. I have decided to call my car a horse. Is that ok? I have also decided to call my school a University – and my degree a first class degree. As for being ‘fascistic’ for calling it breastfeeding – again that is such an inane and illogical statement. The point is that it is breastfeeding but the GMC and other PC fanatics want it changed to accomodate the tiny handful of men who don’t have breasts but want to be women and to breastfeed. The fact that you are so sanguine about this lunacy speaks volumes.

      Again the fact that you think when there is a shortage of money to employ nurses and doctors that it is fine to spend millions on employing people who will spend their time enforcing PC language and ensuring ‘equality and diversity’ (which tends to mean inequality and uniformity in most situations) says a great deal about your distorted sense of priorities. When I’m lying in hospital waiting for a nurse to come, at least I can comfort myself that the hospital is well staffed with equality and diversity officials!

      1. A senior consultant is not the GMC. GMC guidance is all publically available and any guidelines should be easily accessible. I prefer reading straight from the organisation rather than anonymous sources! And there is a significant difference between the analogies you gave. If you call your car a horse it really doesn’t matter to me. If you call your school a university or your degree first class I also really don’t care until you try and fix my plumbing or heal my leg. If someone wants to call breastfeeding chestfeeding I fail to see how I am affected, hurt or changed. Language is dynamic and to treat the dictionary like the Bible is slightly ‘fascistic’. For the price of nothing I’m happy to oblige someone who wants me to use chestfeeding – though no one has ever asked. But in the end your claim is that people are being ‘forced’ to call breastfeeding chestfeeding, but you’ve not given any proof apart from this anonymous consultant and a blog that merely suggests it as a possible term!

        As for equality and diversity officials, it maybe does make sense that you’re upset when you are a straight, white, protestant male and really don’t have to expect any discrimination by the health service. Things are different if you fall under a category that equality legislation is meant to protect. Many if not most LGBT people will be able to tell you stories of how they have been marginalised and mistreated by the health service.

      2. Actually GMC guidance is not all publically available – they keep some things in house. I don’t think any amount of evidence will make any difference to your opinion anyway. When a senior consultant tells me that the GMC have told him and his staff that they must no longer refer to breastfeeding but rather chestfeeding, I have no reason to doubt him. You do. Because it doesn’t suit your faith. ‘language is dynamic’ is another way of saying Alice-in-Wonderland like ‘words mean whatever I want them to mean’. Its how cultural marxism, which is now the predominant cultural narrative amongst the elites, works.

        As for your racist, religionist, sexist remarks about my being a white Protestant male – I think I’ll report you to my Equality and Diversity training officer. It seems as if you are in need of some re-education. You think that ‘equality’ legislation excludes white people? males? Protestants? What a bizarre world you live in – I guess words are whatever you want them to mean – including equality and diversity. Anyway just to let you know – I am now self-identifying as a black, female Muslim. So I should be ok….

      3. I’m sorry for posting such triggering comments. My point was simply that you didn’t provide much proof for the chestfeeding bullet of this weeks Light Engaging Darkness, and the GMC being a public body dedicated to transparency within the medical profession, I was keen to do a little of my own digging, or ‘be like the Bereans’ as we used to call it. It just seems a little strange that a UK wide regulating organisation would give that advice to one single team.

  3. Kenya is an interesting country. My Grandmother spent a lot of time there in the 1980s (and lived in Uganda in the 1950s/60s). Quite religiously conservative. When there was a rumour of a same sex marriage taking place (which would not have been legal anyway) people, inspired by their respective religious leaders went on vigilante attacks of gay men, beating them in the street. Even HIV/AIDS centres were attacked because thats what the association still is. This is despite the fact that people in Kenya especially at risk are injecting drug users and people in prostitution, whose prevalence rates are estimated at 53 percent and 27 percent, respectively. Men who have sex with men are also at risk at a prevalence of 18.2% – basically the religiously inspired attacks are through addicts and women under the bus to get at gay men.

    Agree on Saudi money. Wahhabism and Salafism are real problems.

    I agree that money in football has been beyond a joke. It will come crashing down soon as some of the fundamentals of where that money comes from are struggling (e.g. from falling oil revenues to the closure of pubs that paid for the Sky deals). I think you miss the point about pastors and tele-evangelists though. Whilst sporting stars have always been given leeway in society for their earnings, churches have been regular critics of avarice and greed. So the hypocrisy of rich religions and pastors does look very clearly like hypocrisy.

    I agree on the sex doll. But, and correct me if I am wrong here, did you not say in a QoS podcast that gay conversion therapy could be useful for gay men with feelings for under age boys? Notwithstanding that erroneous link between homosexuality and pedophilia, where is the expert opinion to back that idea up?

    Agree on the National Trust as an issue but your musings on this are all wrong. No staff member was going to lose their job. At all. If only because it was volunteers who were being told to wear the badge. And if they didnt, they would be in the back room for the period of badge wearing. So not quite accurate David.

    We are not a monoculture and Equality & Diversity Teams are needed to help large organisations cope with that. With thousands of staff and millions of potential patients/clients there is a need to manage differences. Women deserve to be paid the same as men, communities not currently linking in with NHS services (like Travellers) need to be engaged with. Whilst I know it suits your narrative to believe that this is a gay only issue, being married to a black woman with specific health needs that affect primarily black women, I am glad that a health organisation is moving from a medical model that treats everyone as the same. Married to a black auditor who has experience workplace racisim I am glad that employers realise the need for better understanding around equality issues. Married to a black Christian, I can see the benefit in having a team that can work with staff who see workplaces as environments ripe for inappropriate evangelism to help them do that properly and within the rules.

    So agree on the Chestfeeding. Some people have just totally jumped the shark on this. For those who want it, the guidance can be found here –

    I think some of the point of that BBC programme was missed. Again, I can see why it fits your Christian agenda against LGBT but there was a wider point to it. If you accept that society gives preference to men, has different expectations about what boys and girls are supposed to be and do then this experiment had some merit. Why are loud boys called leaders and loud girls called bossy bitches for example? Why do we do that to girls? It didnt work but its not just about your constant refrain about transgender issues. Your hatred of changing society blinds you to some of the necessary and needed changes for an equal and fair society.

  4. This woman who actually did it rather likes the new word: “breast” and “bosom” alike having been so thoroughly appropriated as sex words that feeding a baby with them is widely seen as revolting, shocking, disgusting, feminist and even aggressive (!)
    “Chest feeding” might go some way to mitigate the “fnarr, fnarr, get ’em out for the boys love” natural feeding now tends to elicit – one factor among many in the fact most babies are now bottle fed (by either sex, who notices?) as normal.

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