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Test Match Special – The Ultimate in Civilisation!

If you want the best of the English and the best of English, the best of Sport and marvellous commentary there is absolutely nothing to beat Test Match Special.  Whereas English football commentators reinforce the ‘I support two teams mentality’ (I support two teams – Scotland and anyone playing England!) – the commentators on TMS make you want to support the England team.  Aggers, Blowers and Boycott – they are just such a joy to listen to.  There is something so quintessentially English and summery about having TMS on in the background.

And it has the best theme tune of any programme!


This week TMS celebrated its 60th year –    I loved listening to the anniversary podcast – you can listen to the whole of it here to see what I mean…

So – here is a wee clip of the most famous commentary from TMS – when Aggers and Jonners lost it…Enjoy.


There was also another classic windup this week – Aggers spoofs Boycott – again worth watching…


And for those of you who do not yet recognise that cricket is the greatest game in the world – here is another one of my favourite clips – Shane Warne bowling the greatest ball in cricket history!


  1. Thanks very much for putting those videos together. Summers just haven’t been the same since the BBC stopped providing television coverage of Test matches. But I agree totally with your comments about TMS.

  2. I am in hospital with heart failure but this morning my heart is stronger thanks to a Scot who evidently loves the English game. Enjoying all this post. No sport like it.

  3. The title , Test Match Special – The Ultimate in Civilisation , is absolutely lost on me. In my youth such boredom used to plague my afternoons ( I worked shifts) and would often come home , turn on the box and to no surprise find the same player at the crease for the third day running , usually Geoff Boycott having accumulated sufficient runs to earn claps all round as he made his way to the club house for tea . The game ( cricket) was boring the nation to death . My eyes were only averted from counting the flower patterns on my parent’s wallpaper onto the TV when the West Indies visited . Then you knew that there would at least be plenty of sixes and the skittling out of the opposition before lunch.
    Och , Davie lad , I never thought I’d see the day when we’d differ . How much you missed in not receiving a real rounded education in the land of your birth . To be deprived of watching and appreciating the skill of Ronald Ross as his goals tore the heart out of the opposition ., or being unaware of Burton Morrison in full flight for Glasgow Mid Argyll., seeing the MacIntyre brothers of Oban Camanachd play as one, .and have the sheer pleasure of witnessing the great Kerr ( Barney) Crawford holding the centre line for Kyles .

    Ok, a wee bit tongue in cheek from what I can only describe as my ultimate. Forgive me for my little bit of fun . .Our cause is Christ and I know also that he truly is our Ultimate . May the Lord bless you David , keep writing the blog , as it give me much to ponder upon. . . .

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