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The Free Kirk Fights Back!

It seems as though whenever the few, brave sane Christians who put their head above the parapet and write into newspapers trying to make a biblical case on issues for the day and defend Christianity are wasting their time.  Often the letters are published, but they are usually followed, if they are any good, within a couple of days  by the mocking letter from the secularists and the superior letter from the establishment liberal ‘Christian” pointing out of course that no-body nowadays really believes such ‘fundamentalist’ nonsense.  If one tries to respond normally the responses are either not published, or side-lined.  In other words it is rare to get a fair shot at overcoming the stacked odds and many of us feel that sometimes in the perception of the general public we are going more harm than good.

I love the Scots word ‘thrawn’ – so I determined that when it comes to this I would not give up.  What I started I would finish and I would continue to challenge until one day it became accepted practice to give biblical Christianity a fair hearing in the secular media.  It hasn’t worked universally but there is hope!  The Dundee Courier – much to its credit – is beginnning to grasp it and I feel that more and more we are getting a fairer hearing. Let me give you this one example.

Last week I had this letter published in the Courier

Does Ruth Davidson Think She Knows Better Than Jesus?

– and it had the usual response from the secularists and the religious liberals.   The Courier published a couple of letters which were quite personal and sneering towards me.  To be honest it was a bit depressing and I wasn’t going to bother replying because it would have more a personal defence than defence of Christ and then I was reminded of two things: “It’s not about you” and “DLTBGYD”.  This latter is my personal code and I don’t share it with anyone (code breakers are welcome!)  but suffice it to say it is partly an exhortation not to give up!  So I wrote back – and as I expected it was not published.  Shrug shoulders and carry on.  Or in my case collapse and end up in hospital for a week! (the two events were not connected).

Whilst in hospital I got a lovely letter from one of the editors thanking me for the letter and saying that they were going to publish it as their headline letter today.  True to their word they have done so.

clipping (13)


clipping (14)

This is followed on the next page by the following stand out clip – I am delighted.  What was intended as a mocking put down has instead resulted in an opportunity to defend the church, speak up for Christian morality, proclaim the Bible as the Word of God, state the teachings of Christ, expose the forces of Darkness and challenge the perception that normal ‘intelligent’ Christianity is de facto liberal unbelief with a smattering of religious tradition and social liberalism!   A good day.  And kudos to the Courier for allowing my enemies to attack me and allowing me to speak.  It’s what should happen in a free society with a free press and a free church!



PS.  Since this letter was published I have received a number of comments – not all wishing me well!

These are from Secular Scotland:

” I can’t get to the end of reading that. I really don’t want to experience the hatred that man makes me feel.”

“I think the man has mental health problems. If you don’t understand then I have no desire to discuss with you.”

What is fascinating about these – and if they are not hate speech is anything?!  Is that Secular Scotland have not only allowed them to remain but Leslie Thomson who was writing in the Courier, actually joins in…Thats the level at which they operate.  It is from the Pit.


  1. DLTBGYD – Don’t Left The Bastards Grind You Down..?

    Nice article, appreciate everything you do David.

  2. The UK consultation on SSM, was like most Public consultation on Local health issues, pre determined. But it was worse than that: it was duplicitous, Machavellian, with all the signatories garnered by the Coalition 4 Marriage being counted as only ONE . Further, as has been pointed out many times it was not part of the Manifesto of any Parliamentary party.
    As far as the OT is concerned, Marcion heresy continues to abound in the church
    What is Jesus view of it? Read by him, and more, about him.
    Is the Doctor writing -off Jewish faith?

  3. All of us who enjoy your blogs and who share your mind wish you a speedy recovery , however it does seem that you are at your most dangerous ( in a true way) when lying down !

  4. The dstatement by St Augustine actually says, “If you belive what you like in the Gospel……..”

  5. I make no lie of the fact I am a member of Secular Scotland – I am proud of the fact. So if you think you were scoring some point there, you are sadly mistaken. But my letter voiced my own opinions, completely unconnected to the group. Unlike so many religious people, I do not ascribe to the hive mentality, nor do I need authorisation to voice my opinion.

    I stand by every word I said in my reply to your letter; the public were consulted over same-sex marriage, and the consultation process which Bills follow in the Scottish Parliament are actually much more comprehensive than any referenda ever could be. The entire process took from 2009 to 2014, five years, which was more than adequate time for people to voice any opposition.

    The Bill was put before public consultation, which it had to be as the people of Scotland are sovereign, as is laid ou in the Scotland Act (1998). That consultation returned 67% in favour; an overwhelming majority in anyone’s book.

    It is not my fault, nor that of anyone else if you are incapable of understanding the progress of a Bill to Law in the Scottish Parliament.

    And there was something you never addressed. I asked that if you believe marriage is ordained by the Judeo-Christian God, as you claim is laid out in the Bible (except it is not), then does that mean that every heterosexual non-Christian married couple are not actually married? Do you believe that Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Humanist, and atheist married couples are not married?

    If not, then how can you claim that marriage is ordained by your god? If so, then why do you single out same-sex couples only?

    Go ahead, David, fight back all you want. As a democrat I would be first to defend your right to do so. But be aware that same-sex marriage is now accepted law in Scotland, that is never going to change, and you are making yourself look increasingly ridiculous.

    1. I wasn’t point scoring – just making it clear where you were coming from. Your letter did indeed voice your own opinions, which remarkably coincide with every other member of SS. You are a self selecting group with the ultimate hive mentality – one of whose beliefs is that you don’t have a hive mentality!

      The public were not consulted over SSM. We had no say, it was never in any political manifesto.

      Your idea that we are saying that marriage being ordained by God means that only Christians can marry shows the limits of your thinking. We believe that life is ordained by God – it doesn’t mean that only Christians can live!

      And I don’t single out SSM couples only. I am opposed to anyone marrying outwith the limits given us by GOd. On the other hand I assume that you are not for ‘equal’ marriage for polygamists or brothers?

      I don’t need your permission to fight back. And if I bought into the view that the law will never change there would have been no point in fighting to change the law on slavery. I don’t accept your conformist mentality. As for looking increasingly ridiculous – in your eyes perhaps. But you would be amazed how many people are coming round to our point of view – when they see the logic of it – and the fact that the promised Nirvana of the social progressives is turning into purgatory!

  6. Should gay rights be put to a referendum? Should any rights be put to a referendum? I’m not sure I want the masses voting on my right to freedom of worship! If it had been put to a referendum and you had lost, would you have conceded and stopped campaigning against gay marriage?

    1. No – I don’t think ultimately we should put things to referendum – but that is the system we are in. Normally elected politicians vote on political issues and the law of the land. When the matter is of great constitutional import a referendum is advisable – the EU, Scottish Independence etc. Marriage is more crucial to our society than these – so yes a referendum would have been a lot better. As it was lobby groups and the powerful were able to push through a fundamental change without the consent or will of the people. And I am not campaigning against gay marriage! I don’t accept that it even exists. But I will proclaim God’s teaching about marriage whatever anyone votes!

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