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Society Today and Pentecost – St Peters services 4th June 2017

“As they chose not to continue in the knowledge of God, which alone guides our minds to true wisdom, the Lord gave them a perverted mind, which can choose nothing that is right.” – Calvin.

Last Sunday mornings sermon looked at Romans 1:28-32.  It was not an easy message to preach, but that passage describes our society today – exactly.  Indeed it could have been written today for that purpose – Instead it was written 2,000 years ago for that purpose!

You can listen to the whole service here –

As I preached it I was conscious of some words I had read earlier in the week from John Newton –“Those who have resolved, honestly and steadily, to declare the word of the Lord, have, in all ages, found a part of his trial: the message they have had to deliver has been disagreeable and disregarded”  


Then in the evening we had an extraordinary sermon from Sinclair.  He was due to preach on John 1 but decided just before the service to change and speak about Pentecost.  There is nothing like being led by the Spirit! At the elders day the previous day we had discussed the idea of making sure that we marked Pentecost and Ascension as well as Easter and Christmas.  Sinclair decided to obey this request immediately.  It was an incredible sermon….enjoy..


At both services you will hear a number of relatively new songs – some of them written by our own Crawford Mackenzie.

These will be the last fully recorded services for the summer.  We are considering whether to continue them after the summer.  Basically if they are useful to the Lord’s people we will….if you have any thoughts let me know…

If you want to hear the sermons only then you can get them from The St Peters Website 




  1. Good morning! I am enjoying the full service. It’s wonderful to hear the background voices and the little ones. This was the second full service I have heard. Will listen to evening when I return from morning service later today. I came to your church in Dundee in May with Dr beeke. Love your blog!
    Jill in Charlotte North Carolina

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