Full Services from St Peters – What the Bible Says About Sexuality and Jesus, The Word

“When the truth of God is turned to a lie, his glory is obliterated.” – Calvin

“ They enjoy forever the horrible freedom they have demanded, and are therefore self-enslaved” – CS Lewis

The above quotes were from the sermon on Romans 1:24-27.

You can listen to the full recording of the service here (if you want the sermon only you can get it on the St Peters Website where you can also subscribe on Itunes to both).

The evening sermon was a tour de force of theological, Christ exalting preaching….Sinclair has given up on the idea of preaching the whole of John 1:1-18 and instead turned it into a series – when you listen to this you will be glad!  O the depths!

I particularly loved the praise at both services.  I have listened to them several times this week and it has helped me worship and praise God – basically I fast forwarded to listen…

In the morning we sang – Ps 51 (twice – different parts), Saviour of the World, O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus and Jesus, Lover of my Soul.

In the evening – Speak O Lord, Great is the Lord and Worthy of all Praise, Ps 130 and In Christ Alone.



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