Preaching St Peters Worship

Children and the Church – More Worship from St Peters

We continue our experiment in recording the whole service at St Peters.  Thanks for those who gave such positive feedback. It would be very helpful if you have any feedback to send it to me – as we decide whether to continue doing this.  It is  strange providence that one of the most grateful recipients has been myself.   It was wonderful to lie on my hospital bed and join in the worship.   For me everything – the readings ,prayers and sermons were tremendous – but best of all was the sung praise – led this past week by David Henderson…I also liked the fact that it was ‘live’ and the sounds of the children, the pauses, the mistakes etc are not edited out.  It sounds much more real…you can subscribe on I- tunes as well.

Sinclair’s sermon on children and the Church is a must hear for all Christians!

And here is the evening one with Harry Mealyea preaching – another superb service.

I wasn’t able to be at John Ewart’s baptism but here is one we did earlier!  Tabs looking good!



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