Quantum 106 – The world is going nuts.

Quantum - 106

You can find the podcast we recorded last week here on the Solas website.


  • The Copt Massacre
  • Syrian Bombing
  • African migrants sold in Libya ‘slave markets’
  • Sex for Rent
  • Prep HIV Drug
  • Funding abortion propaganda
  • Peter Singer – rape of disabled might be ok
  • End of Gender specific awards
  • Breastfeeding unnatural
  • University Essays marked down
  • Prof. Dr Jordan Peterson defunded
  • Scottish University Freedoms
  • The Reformation

2 thoughts on “Quantum 106 – The world is going nuts.

  1. I’m glad you mentioned the world is going nuts. I used to think it was me. Now when someone says I am “out there” or “what planet are you from”, I know to take it as a compliment and an indication of my sanity *wink*.


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