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Eggasperating the Humanists



I was phoned at 8:55 this morning by Good Morning Scotland and asked if I would be willing to discuss the Cadbury Egg Easter story.  Sure I replied – when?  One minute! Came the answer….this is the result.

Listen to it for yourself.  I have no interest in Cadbury eggs but thought that it was an opportunity to talk about the Easter story.  My humanist opponent thought it was an opportunity to boast about humanist weddings and complain about religious reps on education committees.  They are such a bundle of joy!

He claimed that the humanists were more relevant! Listen to this short clip to judge for yourself whether he was right.  Personally I am thankful for the opportunity…amazing how the Lord opens doors…

It was good to be able to finish with Happy Easter!  I also said ‘Christ is Risen!) but was cut off before that point….still I think the point was made!


  1. I managed to mishear your “happy Easter” as “after you sir”, which I thought equally apt. The humanists are quite comfortable with others just living “as they see fit”; provided those lives conform to secular humanist norms, of course.

  2. It’s a shame that Theresa May invoked her ‘Christian credentials’ on the day she went to sell weapons to the Saudis. A nonsense issue which overshadowed what for the church should have been a much more serious issue for Christians on that day.

  3. Given the amount of time you had to prepare for this you were ready and up to the job. I guess the media like to spring these things on people like you in order to catch you off guard in the hope that you’ll say something you might regret which they can jump on and ‘develop’. They failed this time.

  4. Frederick,

    Please stick to the point of the discussion in the radio clip.

    The death as resurrection of Jesus Christ, God incarnate, is a much more serious issue for the future of whole of humanity and creation and you in particular.

    1. The point is David should have been called to give his opinion on a Saudi arms deal. May highlighted the fact that she was a ‘vicar’s daughter’ (read: a Christian) in front of the backdrop of her trip to reign further fire and brimstone down upon the Middle East, perpetrated by a government that persecutes Christians and Muslim apostates.

      There is a discussion about relevance to society of religion and humanism in the clip above and I have little concern for what a secular company calls a promotional event designed to increase profit for shareholders, but I do have concerns about my elected government working with such an appalling regime. I thought it was a good response by David to the questions asked, I just thought a Christian response to the bigger story of the day would have been more relevant.

  5. Well done David for rising to the challenge at such short notice and speaking so effectively with the Lord’s help on the programme. Again, it was Fraser who came over as the poorer contributor, not least through his constant interruptions in his attempts to stop your voice being heard. Christ is risen indeed. Happy Easter. Keith

  6. Well done again David, I don’t think anyone could possibly have used that tiny slot more effectively. And Fraser did come across as banging away at his one, slightly immaterial point with loser-ish tenacity

  7. Yeah, pretty predictable stuff from a humanist trying to make anyone or any group who doesn’t subscribe to their position to be desperate.

    Derisory laughter is an appropriate engagement with that.

    Didn’t know Theresa May was a vicar’s daughter. Maybe there is hope for the country ;-).

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