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Letter from Nicola Sturgeon Calling for a National Day of Prayer


Dear Mr Robertson,

I am writing to you and other Scottish church leaders to ask for your help in organising a national day of prayer.

As you are aware Scotland is at a crossroads.  We face many threats and opportunities. And yet we are a nation divided.   Many see, as I do, the way to the future being an independent Scotland within the EU, others want us to stay in the UK outwith the UK, and others have different ideas.   It is a delicate and sensitive time and we all need wisdom.

At a time of even greater crisis for the UK during the dark days of the Second World War, the government saw fit to call six national days of prayer.  Given the severe crisis which we face, one so serious that is has caused me to call for another independence referendum, I believe that now is the time for the Scottish government to call for a national day of prayer.

The purpose of this would be to call upon Almighty God, acknowledging our sins and seeking divine guidance and help for the whole nation.   I realise that there are people of different faiths who will pray in their own way and there will be those of no religious faith, who I simply ask to be tolerant.  After all people praying to a God the atheists do not believe in, can hardly be a threat!   This is not the State compelling people to pray.  It is a simple recognition of the historic Christian foundations of this nation, and that many Christian Scots will unite together to seek God’s blessing on the whole nation.  As the political leader of this nation I simply request that the religious leaders do their part!

I note that you and Archbishop Cushley were recently called ‘Radical Preachers’.    The Rise of Scotland’s Radical Preachers – The Daily Mail  I like radicals and don’t want ‘turbulent priests’ causing trouble, therefore I think this would be a good way of us working together.  The politicians can get on with the politics, and the preachers can pray for us.  I am simply requesting your prayers.

I therefore intend to issue the following proclamation and invite you and other church leaders to co-ordinate and organise this day of prayer.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, NICOLA STURGEON, First Minister of Scotland, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of Scotland, do hereby proclaim Thursday 30th, 2017, St Andrews Day, as a National Day of Prayer. I invite the citizens of our Nation to give thanks for our many freedoms and blessings, and to ask for God’s continued guidance, mercy, and protection as we seek a more just world and guidance for the way ahead.

Yours faithfully,

Nicola Sturgeon

First Minister of Scotland.

PS. I hope you will forgive me asking, but I wonder if you could send me a list of church leaders who actually believe in God.  I’m not religious myself but even I can see that an unbelieving bishop/minister is as useless as a chocolate teapot!

Its Time for Nicola Sturgeon to Call A National Day of Prayer




  1. Now the hubris driven woman wants the help of God in her quest for an independent Scotland..!! Should would do well to start praying for forgiveness for the lies and deception she heaps on the Scottish public and should she find this sentence slanderous, I am happy to see her in court to provide the absolute proof of my words.

  2. Wow, what can I say ? If this is a genuine plea and not a wind up , someone has just thrown on a switch ! Mrs Sturgeon , I pray for you and our leaders regularly and as a flawed believer in Jesus Christ have never considered myself religious .. I am delighted that you make such a request , as I find that in Christ and Christ alone is there to be found hope for our nation. May God bless you , your government and all who are appointed to rule both in Edinburgh and Westminster.

  3. We are the people and the people are Sovereign, are god.
    So please pray to me as first and foremost among ministers as I am the go-between me and we. We are the enlightened ones, Hume’s legacy. We are together one, in-(Hume)-anity.
    We are no “fools for the Lord.”

    1. Whose fool are you, then, Geoff?
      The preaching of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but for those who believe it is the power of God and his wisdom. So, I’m a fool for Jesus as you rightly see; but whose fool are you?

  4. Oh dear!. Do we really want an April Fool on prayer, sackcloth and ashes, repentance, and seeking the mercy of God on the sad state of our nation

    1. It is perfectly necessary. This is called satire. It is biting. It cuts through to the truth – that she would never write such a letter, and that is why this nation (the UK) is in such trouble. It wouldn’t occur to ANY of the political leaders currently around to do such a thing.

  5. She’d never write something of this gravity relaxing on a sofa, so I knew it was fake.

  6. John K,

    I am too often “wise in my own eyes” – a fool, raca, – and too infrequently truly wise – “a fool for the Lord” – who is the incarnate wisdom from God.

    Yours in Christ,

    1. Oh! that Geoff.
      I’ve been reading A Study in Scarlet so I thought ‘Racca’ might be a misspelling for ‘Rache’ ‘Revenge’. In France if you are able to attach a paper fish to someone’s back without them noticing then that person is the Poisson d’Avril which seems to take on more significance when one considers that a sturgeon is a fish and IndyRef 2 is being pinned onto the coat tails of Brexit.

  7. Well here in Australia you’d say you had me sucked in hook line and sinker – Until you mentioned the chocolate tea pot – gave it away for those of us that may be a bit thick !

  8. Yes John,

    ‘Tis me. Pretentious – moi? Known for my offensively poor spelling and ape like typing skills. Raca indeed.The difference is that sometimes I comment from my phone, sometimes laptop.

  9. Yes John, a large fish in a small pond, seeking with her predecessor to be a small fish in a big pond.

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