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Sermon – Christ our Worship Leader – Hebrews:5-18 – Sinclair Ferguson

This Sundays sermon – again from Sinclair Ferguson as I was away in Northern Ireland last Sunday – Communicating the Good News in Northern Ireland

This is a wonderful sermon on worship and Christ as our praise leader…enjoy….


  1. Remarkable. Refreshing. And no application, no do lists, no shoulds and shouldn’ts.
    Can’t be truly reformed without 76 points of application, can it? (Tongue in cheek.)
    In fact it’s unlike anything I’ve heard before .
    Almost beyond charismatic and without the noise.

  2. I’ll listen to it again when laptop has been repaired after hacking.
    I thought there were uplifting correctIves to dominant current lack of teaching and false separation into singing (worship and worship leading ) and sermon. But it went far further with Jesus as leader and “preacher”.
    So I’d say that there was much of indicatives and little of overt imperatives, but change would flow from the imperatives once they had sunk in.

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