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Short Answers – Is Belief in God just like Belief in Santa?

I am totally loving the way that the Lord is developing Solas since Andy Bannister joined us as director.  He and Al have developed a great partnership in producing these high quality popular short videos.  Here for example is the one on Christmas – I’m thinking of using it on Sunday at our carol service….why not pass it on?

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Happy Christmas from Solas







  1. It could be late and my brain could be frazzled but have I misunderstood something at about 2.07 minutes in when Andy says something along the lines of ‘You come to belief in God as adults…You abandon belief in Santa Claus as children” Did he mean to say, ‘You come to belief in God as adults…You abandon belief in Santa Claus as adults.” Perhaps Andy was saying something in a way my wee brain has missed and if I have I am profoundly sorry and incredibly stupid!

  2. Hope you both, at Solas,, are getting used to the deprecating wit of AB. Just as well you as not of the snowflake generation but more of the hardball, snowball generation. You know he loves and appreciates you both more than you know.

  3. And remember, the fragility and hesitancy of AB’s self revelation of the strength of his core self belief at Inverness, a belief unstintingly exercised in the privacy of his home mental gym sessions: wasn’t it that he believes he’s 7.5 feet tall , so he is? Je pense, danc je suis. He thinks, therefore he is. He’s such an exponential disciple of Descartes. Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum. I doubt therefore I think, therefore I am.

    Yes, he’s reinvented himself at Solas, he can be who he really is, now he’s in such affirming, non-judgemental, company, now that the faucet of his inner self has been released. It will not stemmed by external reality. “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” so let it gush AB.

    And start thinking you are Scottish, Andrew and put the tape measure away – you don’t want reality intruding on your thoughts, imposing upon, oppressing, you. Like us all, you will never measure up! There is only One who did.

  4. He has some cheek talking about someone else being a “cheap second rate comedian” with his cringy attempt at humour with singing “Santa Claus is coming to Town”.

    If someone pokes fun at you for likening God to Santa and making you out to be deluded, why not have a come back with “yeah that’s the kind heckle I expect from someone descended from an ape”.

    Great argument and reasoning regards the question over truth but maybe in future leave the comedy to someone who is funny?

    Just a suggestion in love ;-).

  5. Yes it is the same, except the family is much bigger, and the truth in this case is far far away from ones reach. Also, typically a child’s so called belief in God, for some strange reason, usually follows a belief system that is of the very same religion that is being followed by the child’s parents. Even when reaching adulthood, this specific “Selection”, is usually maintained. Thus people tend to stick to their specific belief.

    If you stick to your belief, then you stick to being located at a distance from the truth. After all, you only become dependent upon a belief if the truth is located at a distance from you in the first place. However, those who did not stick to a belief system, but chose to look into the direction of truth instead, saw information hidden within the Bible that the rest could not, for the rest could only see as far as a belief could take them.

    1. And you do accept that the child’s nonbelief in God usually reflects the belief system that is followed by the child’s parents? You seem to think that your own views are not belief, and yet that itself is a belief!

      1. “And you do accept that the child’s nonbelief in God usually reflects the belief system that is followed by the child’s parents?” you say.

        Yes, I do accept that to be the case as well. I tend to avoid the practicing of beliefs/dis-beliefs as much as possible. To reduce ones thinking down to a simple 1’s and 0’s, Yes and No, True and False, believe and disbelieve, etc., is as low as one can go. Instead, I prefer to stamp things with probability ratings concerning the odds of them being true or not, and base this upon the laws of probability and factual information that is available.

        In turn, it can take up to 35 years for me to be “certain” of something, all due to practicing the level of caution that I see fit. Then people say that I am an idiot because I seem to be certain of so little. I found that amusing. If someone used a very short and unreliable thought equation, and thus in turn could reach certainty very quickly, others tend to look at this particular someone as being smart. Yet if you use a very very long and reliable thought equation, and thus many years pass by before you may reach certainty of something or other, you are perceived as being stupid. LOL.

  6. KSP

    Christianity, a belief in Christ involves thought but much more.

    There are millions who have been converted to Christ, out of islam, Hinduism, atheism, out of their cultural belief systems.

    Look-up Ravi Zacharias for one prominent Christian raised in Hinduism. You’d be challenged by his writings, but there are many others.

    For your eyes only, as those who visit this site often will be fed-up with reading this – I was converted at the age of 47 having been raised in an atheistic family, in England.

    I suggest you read Dr Andy Bannisters book, “The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist.” He is the one in the presenting the clip.

    Or if you have, statistical, mathematical leanings, how about “God’s undertaker: Has science buried God? by prof John Lennox. a triple PHd. Any book by him really

    You are at least 35, so there’s hope for you yet.

    Have a great Christmas.

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