Quantum 91 – The Transgender Equality ‘Debate’ in the UK Parliament


This week’s podcast is out now on iTunes, Podbean and the Solas website here.  I reflect on the recent Transgender Equality debate in the House of Commons, the potential impact of people being able to change their legal sex by self declaration and the risks of extending the protection given to “gender reassignment” under our equalities legislation  to “gender identity.”




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TheWeeFlea.com – The Tyranny of the Progressives – Another Step Backwards


Hansard – Transgender Equality Debate – 1 Dec 2016


New Statesman – What’s missing from the transgender debate? Any discussion of male violence


Pink News – Labour MP Caroline Flint claims trans-friendly toilets are dangerous for women


BBC – Transgender child: The boy putting his female puberty on hold



  1. After listening to this I had a quick flip through Hansard, By no stretch of the imagination could this be called a debate. It is clear from the resolution and from one of those who spoke that the government doesn’t accept the Committee’s report in a key area:

    Angela Crawley said gender identity is a social construct! … “it has everthing to do with the gender they believe they are.”

    Crawley again: “Yes, and I will clarify again that the protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010 should be amended to “gender identity”, which explicitly covers the whole spectrum of trans identities. This point was rejected in the Government’s response to the Committee’s report. Ministers believe that the current terminology is adequate, contrary to the testimony of the very people it affects”.​

    It was resolved, therefore, the law needs to be upated.

    As an aside- for a number of years some mental health activists have advocated that mental illness is a social construct.

    As a contrast it was a privilege to watch to the last session of the Supreme Court case this pm. It was “debate” at a stratospheric level compared to the the flimsy of this Hansard report. It had been properly prepared and argued, with deep probing questions from the judges and advocates and answers that flowed from the thoroughness of preparation.

    I found it showed the best of civilised democracy in action. The internet it was not, nor even TV or journalistic debate or prognostications. It didn’t pander to short attention spans nor butterfly minds of twitter. Overall, to me, it confirmed the reason I voted on both occasions to be out of the EEC/EU – the renunciation, ceding of legislative power.

  2. There are a few statistic which are stated as fact by many conservatives. For example, 80% of children who ‘revert’ to their birth gender having had transgender feelings during puberty. Also the high failure rate in surgical transition as a treatment for gender disphoria.

    Do you know the source of these statistics ? It would be useful in conversations if these ‘factoids’ can be backed by creditable sources.

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