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The Dawkins Letters – A Finnish Appreciation


Nine years ago I wrote The Dawkins Letters.…it was a book written by an unknown Presbyterian minister in a small Scottish church and yet the Lord has been pleased to use it.   It has been a joy to hear of people who have been helped and some even brought to Christ through it.   It became a  relative bestseller and has been translated into at least nine languages – one of which is Finnish.  This week I got the following encouraging e-mail from Finland. It made me smile…God uses even ‘small’ pastors!

Hello. I just read your book The Dawkins Letters. What a marvellous feeling to understand that a “small” pastor has done such a work to attack atheism. All the logic was ok. The references were stunning. Great!!!

It is a miracle if somebody can stay as an atheist after your book.

Your book strengthened my faith.

Thank you and God bless.




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